This sure would look good on your bike…

I Bike T.O. Sticker 1.5 inch circle black

I know you bike T.O. and you know that you bike T.O., so then why do so many councilors claim that no one in their wards bicycles?

Using Joe’s design, I’ve created a few hundred 1.5″ round stickers with the I Bike T.O. logo and I’ll be handing them out all summer. Because, if the mere sight of a million or more bicycle in Toronto doesn’t convince people that we do bike Toronto, maybe a sticker declaring it will help!

Follow me on Twitter and find out what events I’ll be attending, stickers always in hand.

Or send an e-mail to duncan [dot] bikingtoronto [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll get some to you.

And, you can also let everyone know that you bike T.O. by purchasing an I Bike T.O. t-shirt from the BikingToronto Store. 100% of profits go to charities that keep Toronto moving.

I Bike T.O. circle sticker on frame