Dave’s Ride for Heart Detour

Via Dave Ghent:

This year I finally got to participate in the Heart and Stroke ride for a cure, which goes along the 2 major highways in Toronto. Starting at Exhibition place you enter the gardiner, then go all the way along to the dvp, and up to York Mills rd. Then you turn around and go all the way back down to exhibition place again. 50 kilometres in total. About 20 minutes into my ride I blew my tire. After about an hour of walking with my head down and kicking stones, I went back to my apartment and fixed my flat, and finished the race. Check out the time-lapse of my adventure.

Imagine for a moment…

The Gardiner during Ride for Heart 2010

Imagine a place where traffic doesn’t grind to a halt because someone has broken down on the side of the road…

Only once a year can you experience this in Toronto. The annual Ride for Heart shuts down parts of the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway, opening up a 25 km space that was created for and used mostly by personal motor vehicles.

13,000 people took their bicycles, tricycles, tandems and unicycles up above the city. We raised a lot of money and had the pleasure of experiencing a silenced highway where cheers replaced horns.