City of Toronto Sharrows PSA

Daniel Egan, Manager Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Transportation Services shares information on what sharrows are and how they can be used by cyclists in Toronto.

This same information can also be found on the City of Toronto’s web site here: Sharrows FAQ
Video via City of Toronto Cycling on Facebook.

Be Ye Not a Salmon for Thar Be Pirates!

Biking Rules PSA - Salmon

A “salmon” is a person on a bicycle riding upstream, or simply, the wrong way. recently held a PSA competition, asking for short videos that help promote safe cycling. One entry, seen below, shows ye… sorry, shows you what could happen when you “salmon.”

Pirates of the Broadway: Salmon from Laura on Vimeo.

And here’s more of the Pirates:

Pirates of the Broadway: Part Deux from Laura on Vimeo.

Watch more of the PSAs on YouTube.