Bike Messengers 1992-98


From Trevor Hughes’ series Bike Messengers 1992-98.

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Everyday People, Everyday Bicycles: South Africa

Bicycle Portraits

Via BikeHacks:

My name is Stan Engelbrecht. A friend and fellow bicycle enthusiast, Nic Grobler, and I recently started a project investigating South African bicycle culture, and the lack of cyclist commuters out there on our roads. We want to raise the funds to turn this project into a self-published full-color hard-cover photographic book ( similar to a previous book I’ve done, ‘African Salad’ – ). We’ll be shooting the entire project from our own bicycles while traveling around the country – this will enable us to meet everyday South Africans out there while they use their bicycles.

Bicycle Portraits from Bicycle Portraits on Vimeo.

Bicycle Portraits – Bongani Ncala from Bicycle Portraits on Vimeo.

Jameson Avenue Impressions

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

What gives a bicycle personality? What gives a neighbourhood its charm?

The answer is simple; it’s you and me, the people who power cities and bikes.
Within the apartment buildings lining Jameson Avenue you’ll find a diverse cross-section of the world in the people who live there.
Jameson Avenue Impressions is a series of portraits on ceramic tile presenting the people and places of Parkdale to those who may not venture into the homes and shops of this area.

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

“I think of Jameson as this launching pad, people come here and you have different languages and cultures. So why not try to capture those kind of people and do a passport-style idea?”
Jameson Avenue Impressions artist, Jim Bravo

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

Many of the neighbourhood residents use bicycles daily. Parking can be a problem as many buildings often prohibit bicycle parking along their fenced front entrances. There are almost no post and ring racks to be found here either.

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

From Jameson Avenue Impressions

The artists behind the project, Jim Bravo and photographer Kate Young:

The artists with their street gallery

For more information visit Mural Routes

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Final photo via Flickr