Where We Park Our Bikes in Toronto

Sure, we’re world-famous for our post and ring bike racks… but where else is there to park your bicycle in Toronto? Turns out, you’ve got plenty of options…

There’s the “Classic”:

Toronto bike rack

At BMO Field there are arches:


In Parkdale you get glasses:

Bike Rack - Toronto 1

On Toronto Island there’s room for bikes and canoes:

Bike Rack, Toronto Island

You’ll find hanging triangles:
Bike racks

And back in Parkdale there are more bike rack oddities:
Parkdale bike rack sculptures

On St. Clair you’ll spot these “knock-offs”:

bike racks2

Further north on Yonge street there’s a watch:
Watch my bike, will ya?
And then there’s the elaborate:

rack 'em up !

There’s the moving bike rack:

TTC 9431 Bike Rack

At the ROM there’s a dinosaur (bikes only!):


You’ll find vibrant blue at City Hall:

Blue Bike Racks

Make sure you get to your bike rack early, spots fill up fast:
Iron Horses

And if you’re lucky, your friend will save you a spot:

bike rack seat

All photos via Flickr, click on a photo for photographer credit.


As fall rolls across Toronto, bike racks around town become permanent resting places for abandoned bicycles.
The above big-box suspension bike was left around the corner from my apartment, possibly due to a front flat tire. It remained untouched for almost a week. Walking by yesterday someone had relieved the abandoned bicycle of its rear wheel, bar ends and seat.
What I find compelling though, is that this bicycle is not locked at all. It’s just leaning there. Why take the rear wheel and seat when you could just take the whole bike? Perhaps the previous owner will return to the bike in the spring and say, “Well, at least they left that flat front tire.”