Covet: Four Panniers With Style


Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a bag. Active transportation can mean a little sweat, and carrying a bag is a quick way to dampen a shirt. But, with so many active Torontonians using bicycles to get to work and school, you still need to carry books, computers and lunches with you.

Enter the pannier, literally “bread basket,” for carrying your stuff by attaching securely to the rack on your bicycle. Much like backpacks, messenger bags and quite frankly bicycles, there are plenty of choices to be made when choosing a set of panniers. Here are four panniers that can carry what you need and are pleasing to the eye as well:

The combination of leather and canvas on the Basil Kavan II panniers will give a touch to of class to your cargo. Rounded sides provide for heel clearance when pedaling so you can load these up and pedal away effortlessly. For a full review see EcoVelo, available at Curbside Cycle.

The Linus Office Bag is a simple, structured cotton tote that will fit your 13″ laptop or a few books. Leather straps keep your cargo securely fastened and the included shoulder strap makes the transition from bike to office simple. Available at Bikes on Wheels.

The Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers are a modern tribute to a more than century old bag design. Updated with magnetic fasteners, the weather resistant cotton with leather finishing easily rolls up when not in use.

New from Mountain Equipment Co-op is the Urban Shopping Tote. This collapsible tote features plastic hooks that won’t ruin your clothing when off the bike and d-rings will accommodate a shoulder strap (not included). Added reflective fabric also improves visibility at night, available at MEC.

Lead photo by Martinho via Flickr