Momentum Magazine Issue #47 – All About Kids and Cargo Bikes

Momentum Magazine Cover Issue 47

Who can really get enough of cargo bikes? And what better way to take your children with you?

The latest issue of Momentum Magazine has articles all about the growing North American market for cargo bicycles and features a few reviews of these people-powered haulers, including the Zigo Leader pictured on the cover.

Read the latest issue for free online here. Or visit your local bicycle retailer to pick up a copy.

BikeStyle Tour Lands in Toronto Tonight

Big event tonight at The Drake Hotel!

Starting at 7:00 pm it’s Bike Drinks with the Toronto Cyclists Union. Followed by the Momentum Magazine BikeStyle event.

So much bikey goodness, all at one huge event.

Let’s Get Visible – Safety is Sexy

Be it helmets, bike lights, reflective tape and countless other accessories there are an infinite number of ways to improve your safety while on a bike.

The problem is, safety isn’t cool.
And well, it isn’t really sexy either.
But, leave it to the “blogosphere” to tackle this head on… literally.
The Safety is Sexy Campaign ties safety to fashion and through their blog, point us towards ways of looking at safety equipment as something you can look good in, too.
Of course, it’s about fun too. While I’m a little late on this, here’s a parody video by Momentum Magazine and the B:C:Clettes who teamed up in late 2008:

Photo via BikeCommuters