The Dogs on Bikes Problem; SOLVED!

So simple! Dog (or larger cat) rack.

P.S. This is a joke. Although, Fairdale do make a pretty cool skateboard attachment for bike racks. Check it out!

Hipsters on the Dangers of CUI

Applicable to Canada Day as well, which was yesterday…

Le Velo

Just in time for the TdF the same guy from the “Performance” and “Get Dirty” videos is back… This kinda could probably win Eurovision

Life Imitating Comics

The Solowheel, the safety brigade will crap bubblewrap over it but all I can think about is a sweet B.C. tie in:

And a race broke out

Haha! This video is from 2004 in Montreal, so no one’s on a Bixi yet.

Rollin’ On 45s

Awesome. Although that cord could be restricting.

More inventions on Vimeo

Bicycle Rights

Oh dear! I long for the FBI agent from Twin Peaks to dig my style while wearing a bright yellow Nutcase helmet.

From the upcoming show Portlandia.

How We Behave In Cars

…as demonstrated by people on bikes.

The text at the end roughly translates to something like, “Cycling is annoying, isn’t it?”

Via Amsterdamize on Twitter

The Bike Heist “You Can’t Fly”

The Bike Heist:

Mike and Barry are lifelong friends and roommates who have drifted apart, collateral damage from Mike’s misguided pursuit of a corporate career. One summer morning, Mike, an avid cyclist, becomes the victim of bike crime when his “Bullet” is stolen. Barry convinces Mike to borrow the bicycle of their lovely lady neighbour to get him to work on time. Unfortunately, this bike gets stolen too. Not to worry- Barry concocts a hairbrained plan in which the two friends and an unusual team of heisters will steal all of the bicycles locked up outside their apartment building in order to cover for the missing one. However, nothing goes according to plan and Mike and Barry must deal with the utter chaos that ensues. This bromantic comedy-caper takes audiences on a wild ride, illustrating the importance of friendship, cycling, and choosing your own adventures.

Learn more here: The Bike Heist.

If Aggressive Drivers Only Knew Who They Were Messing With

Lady is the Boss – Bicycle Fight