Pedestrian Sunday Kensington May Have A Few Cars, Still Fun!

Pedestrian Sunday Bagpipes on Wheels

The G20 may mean that they didn’t get a permit to close Augusta, but that doesn’t mean this Sunday in Kensington will be a total bust:

June 22, 2010 at 5:38pm

Subject: This Sunday
Hey P.S. Kensington fans,

As you may have heard, the street closure permit has been cancelled for our June 27th Pedestrian Sunday. This means that cars will be allowed into the market, however, there will still be a festive atmosphere that day… music, dance, food and fun are no strangers to the streets of Kensington and a bunch of world leaders meeting in a fortified downtown core can’t stop us from having a good time.

Merchants, residents and anyone who is so inclined, feel free to take a parking spot and do what you will – don’t forget to feed the meter! There’s no law against selling street food if you are already a food vendor and follow board of health guidelines. Musicians welcome, take care not to block traffic or create dangerous situations for pedestrians. Creative interventions with urban space are part of everyday life in the market and Sunday will be no exception.

See you in the streets!

Possible Benefit of G20 Preparations?

Ont. Government building has moved all staff bike parking inside for G20. This is part of the main lobby.

At Queen’s Park they’ve moved bicycle parking indoors in preparation for the impending G20 demonstrations.

Maybe we’ll see excellent bicycle parking improvements like this stick around after the weekend?

It could help reduce bicycle theft and get more people cycling!

Photo via Twitter account kayakinstructor and found on Toronto Star G20 Blog.

What to do if your bicycle was removed from the G20 security zone

Jennifer Hassum Twitter Status

The above “tweet” continues to make rounds on Twitter. Already, bike racks are being removed from the G20 security zone and if you’ve chosen to lock your bicycle to fence or other remaining post, you could return to find no bike at all.

If your bicycle is removed from the security zone, it will, after a few days, end up at the Property Bureau of the Toronto Police Services located 799 Islington Avenue, Toronto, ON , M2Z 5W8, phone: 416-808-3750

Should you be unable to bring your bicycle inside during this week, now may be a great time to discover the Bicycle Station located within Union Station which will remain open this week, with southern access only.