Toronto Bike Life: Queen Street Part 3

The Dufferin Jog – Gladstone to Dovercourt

Culture ShockTrain bridges are marvels of engineering. The weight they must support is incredible. It’s no wonder that train bridges inspire us and scare us and change the landscape wherever they are built.

The Dufferin Jog, long since separated, is in its final days. Dufferin will once again connect at Queen Street.

Yet, Queen Street is still disconnected by the physical sensation of passing under these bridges. Parkdale ends in the east at the Jog, on the other side, West Queen West is taking on a new shape, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Bike life here remains a constant, even as the scenery changes almost daily.

Removing the Jog

Under the Bridge

Construction Zone Ends; Does it Really?

Pure Pwnage


Drake Parking

The Mall


Great Hall

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