Covet: PAC Designs Bags

I’ll admit, I’m pretty new to the Toronto cycling scene. I’ve never been a courier and when I first started commuting (way up to the middle of nowhere) I rarely encountered other cyclists.

Now that I’m living closer to downtown and cycling all over the city I can certainly understand the demand for quality cycling bags. I’ve already written about Under the Weather, Push the Envelope and Mariclaro bags, all made in Toronto. Well, add to this list PAC Designs, while not made in Toronto their design was introduced here back in the mid-1990s and they remain in Ontario.

It’s fantastic to see so many bag manufacturers growing from and around the Toronto cycling scene.

For more info on PAC Designs, go here.

Covet: Handmade Messenger Bags Created Right Here in Toronto

Push the Envelope Classic Messenger BagUnder the Weather Messential Messenger Bag

Did you know that there are not one but two companies crafting handmade messenger bags in Toronto (possibly more)?

Push the Envelope has been creating distinctive messenger bags since 1995.

Under the Weather was started in Amsterdam in 2000, relocating to Toronto in 2001.

Two exciting messenger bag brands that call Toronto home!

Visit the Push the Envelope web site here.
Visit the Under the Weather web site here.

Know of a great product you think is “Covet” worthy? Send your suggestions to: duncan [dot] bikingtoronto [at] gmail [dot] com

Mariclaro Re Cycle Design Event

Very cool event at a very cool shop on Roncesvalles:

Mariclaro Re Cycle Design Event

From the Mariclaro web site:

Mariclaro Canada invites cyclists, aspiring designers and all interested individuals to a three-part design workshop to design the perfect courier bag out of recycled and reclaimed materials. Participants will work in groups, teamed up with experienced Mariclaro staff members who will help them to turn their concepts into a final product. And to reward their hard work, each design session will be followed by an after-party featuring local beers and snacks. The parties will be held right at the store and are open to the general public.

The first workshop session will take place on July the 10th at 2pm at our store. Those who register will be grouped into three teams. Each team of six will work together to create a detailed sketch of their design based on their suggestions and ideas. Over the course of the session, teams will consider the way they want their bag to perform, discuss the kinds of features you’d like to see included and take a look at the different materials we have available. At the end of the session, all the resulting work will be displayed and the store will be open to everyone for an afterparty. No registration is necessary to attend this, and anyone is welcome to come in, view the designs and make suggestions for improvement. Food and drinks will be provided, so come out for a great evening!

REGISTRATION: Those who are interested in the group workshop should pre-register before Friday July 9th >>. There is no fee for the event – in fact, participants will be rewarded with a gift certificate towards a Mariclaro bag at the end of the event.

The party starts after 4pm and is open to everyone – no registration necessary.

Go here for more information. Help design a courier bag and celebrate with an afterparty!