Snow Cycling Inspiration

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Mikael Colville-Andersen on Cycling at TEDx Copenhagen

Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize

Dublin Cycle Chic Fashion Show

Dublin Cycle Chic Fashion Show Screen Shot

Some people may be attracted to commuter cycling by its environmental and health benefits, but of course, that’s not always the case. In Ireland, Dublin City Council, staged a Dublin Cycle Chic fashion show to illustrate that city cycling doesn’t require battle gear to get started, simply a bicycle and the clothes on your back (something many still seem to be learning about in Toronto):

Dublin Cycle Chic – Fashion Show from DCTV on Vimeo.

Via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic as Advocacy?

First Cycle Chic Photo

Is the simple act of riding a bicycle in your everyday clothes a form of advocacy? Capturing these moments and sharing them online may be more than just bicycle voyeurism. See why in the video below:

City of Cyclists

City of Cyclists:

Don’t worry Toronto, we’ll get there.