An “Alleycat” Race on BIXIs?

BIXI Montreal have uploaded a series of videos demonstrating the many ways you can integrate bicycle sharing into your daily life. These videos can be found on the BIXI Vimeo page.

Of these videos, the series, À vos BIXI! is an “alleycat” style challenge where competitors must check in at specific locations while using BIXI bicycles. The competitors are timed and, it appears, are required to follow the rules of the road. Each episode also features an interview with Jean-François Pronovost, general manager of Vélo-Québec, explaining various aspects of cycling infrastructure in Montreal. The series is only available in French.

Check out Episode 3 here:

Find all episodes and other informative BIXI videos on Vimeo here.

Can we expect a similar series to be run when BIXI arrives in Toronto? Only time will tell, subscribe now and help BIXI Toronto reach its initial 1,000 subscribers needed to bring this fantastic system to our streets. Go here to become an early BIXI Toronto member.