Bike! Bike! 2010 – August 12-15, 2010

Bike! Bike! 2010
Summer 2010

Bike! Bike! is an international annual conference organized by and for Not-For-Profit bike projects. It takes place in a different city each year. This year it will be hosted by Bike Pirates in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you have services, housing, or supplies you would like to contribute, or would like to help out in any other way, please fill out our volunteer form and/or send us an e-mail at: bikebike2010 -at-

There will be an assortment of different workshops at Bike! Bike! geared towards helping bike projects better serve their intended communities. There will also be social events to help/encourage projects to netowork. Some things which may (or may not) take place include (but are not by any means limited to): Anti-oppression, Consensus Decision Making, and Working with Kids workshops as well as Spandex Dance Parties, Movies, and Bike Rides.


We appreciate your pre-registering for Bike! Bike! Donations to the conference will be accepted in person during the conference. We are suggesting a donation of $28-$49 as you are able, but also want to encourage anyone who does not have the means to pay for the conference to please feel free to come. Contributions in the form of volunteering during the conference to help with food or workshops are just as valuable as cash donations. We want no-one to be turned away for lack of funds. If you are in a position to be able to pay more, please do so in order to help subsidize the conference as a whole, and more people coming.

We have compiled a list of directions Which should get to Bedlam Theatre regardless of how you’ve gotten into the city.


We’re working hard on getting everything organized. Soon we’ll have much more info available online as well as the ability to pre-register. For now, Canadians should sit tight, and Americans should make sure they’ll hold valid passports for next summer.

Bike! Bike! 2010