Whiskey Drome (and a Mini Drome on the Way to Toronto)

Like mini dromes? Well, you’re in luck! October 8, 2011 the Red Bull Mini Drome is coming to Toronto… head to the Evergreen Brick Works. The event is free for spectators, qualifiers start at 2pm with the main event at 7:30pm.

More info at dandyhorsemagazine.com

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Covet: Bike Rack Birdhouse by Dimini

Love the look of this birdhouse bike rack by Toronto-based Dimini.

Cannondale Concept City Bike

This is 2 years old… but it’s new to me.

The locking handlebar is an interesting concept but wouldn’t work with Toronto post and ring racks. The rear rack is too ‘futury’ and also quite useless. Quaint video though.

Student graduation project at the TU Delft for Cannondale

Design: Wytze van Mansum | vanmansum.nl
Film: eelkedekker.nl

Music: Electric Sound Continuum

or you can buy the track here:

The Prototype was built by Wytze van Mansum with the help of:

Wevab.com | Aluminium Constructions
SKF.com | Bearings
Rijsoort.nl | Bending
allesvoordefiets.nl | Dutch bicycle parts

Maya Pedal and Bicimaquinas

(For English subtitles click on the CC icon at the bottom of the video)

In 1997, in San Andrés Itzapa in Guatemala, Maya Pedal Association began recycling scraps of bicycles into Bicimáquinas.

Bicimáquinas are pedal-powered blenders, washing machines and threshing machines, eliminating the need for fuel and electricity. Pumps are also possible, and are capable of extracting 30 liters of water per minute from 30-meter deep wells (electronic pumps reach just to 12 meters).

The idea of these ingenious contraptions emerged from the desire to help the farming families of the San Andrés community. The issue that gave rise to Maya Pedal was the expense and shortage of electricity and fuel in the village.

Carlos and Cesar, creators of Maya Pedal, have achieved an extraordinary result: a worthy project that does not pollute and is extremely fascinating in its involvement of volunteers from around the world who are building a fantastic pedal revolution.


Rapha 50/50 test – Show don’t tell

Call me a Doubting Thomas but until I actually see something perform how it is said to perform I simply don’t believe it. Years of watching television commercials and reading print ads brings out the skeptic in me. Sure, marketing gurus call it creativity, but I call it hype and bullshit.

In comes Rapha. A brand that makes beautiful cycling clothing, produces a stunning magazine and has crafted a high-end yet stylish image unparalleled in cycling marketing. But is it all just hype? Does Rapha justify their high prices based solely on the image they’ve created and pump out the same ho-hum quality we’re all used to?

Maybe not…

The above image of from the Rapha 50/50 test where they assembled a pair of jeans, half of their specially crafted demin and half of the benchmark cotton twill used for most denim trousers. The 50/50 jeans were then given to a cycle messenger and worn for nearly 2,900 km or riding and washed 20 times. The benchmark cotton side looks like most of the jeans in my dresser. Faded and unpresentable.

Well-played, Rapha… well-played.

Learn more about Rapha Jeans and the 50/50 test here.

Bike Messengers 1992-98


From Trevor Hughes’ series Bike Messengers 1992-98.

See the full set on Flickr here.

Mia Birk at TEDxPortland – Pedalling Towards a Healthier Planet

Mia Birk: President — Alta Planning + Design
In her book Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet, Mia Birk tells the dramatic story of how a group of determined visionaries transformed Portland into a cycling mecca and inspired the nation. She has spent over 21 years creating active communities where bicycling and walking are safe and fun daily activities. Former bicycle program manager for the City of Portland, Mia is currently teaching urban studies at Portland State University and is the president of Alta Planning + Design.

Street Books: A pedal-powered library in Portland

Learn more about this inspiring project here: Street Books

Danny MacAskill – Industrial Revolution

Everything about this, great. “Falling from high places.” Brilliant. Sure, it’s a lot of the same tricks he’s done before yet this is such a stunning setting. Enjoy.