Black Out Party on Ossington – Bikes and Blackouts


On Friday, August 14, 2009, Ossington came alive and turned off the lights.

I missed much of the revelry while enjoying a burger at BurgerShoppe. But, from the window we saw the impromptu creation of “Portugal Square” and could hear the sounds of drums and cheers.
There’s a video and a sketch of Portugal Square over on Bike Lane Diary.
Walking down the street after dinner it was impossible to miss just how many people were on bicycles. I overheard a graying cyclist explaining the concept of “fixed gear” to a couple of younger guys who were interested in his bike. With the streetlights out and storefronts dark the street was filled with the blinking lights from cyclists.
Even the police who showed up to “control the situation” were on bicycles.
Photo of cyclists on the Blackout ride by Martinho on Flickr

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