Bicycles on Bloor?

Construction on Bloor between Avenue Road in the west and Yonge Street in the east is starting to be cleared. Revealed beneath the trucks and equipment are bicycle stencils on the fresh asphalt.

Now, these aren’t sharrows as they are missing directional chevrons.

And these aren’t bike lanes as they are missing painted lines and the diamond.

Best guess is that these are sharrows simply missing their hats as there are sharrows on Bloor east of Yonge. After studies and continuous calls from the public for better bicycle infrastructure on Bloor, it looks like all we’re getting for now is a little paint that cars can soon park on.

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  1. Great news. Looking forward to the sharrowfication of Toronto. This is what we’ve been waiting and advocating for all these years. Success!

  2. Something tells me that if they reopen that Bloor Street lane to general traffic again, the amount of cars and shear traffic volumes in the downtown core would Skyrocket. The Bloor Street construction narrowing no doubt has reduced the shear number of cars and overall traffic, and I’d like to keep it that way.

  3. Wasn’t me.

  4. Noticed the other night that the lonely bicycles now have their arrows.

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