Bicycle Courier Starter Kit – Just $500… Job Included?

Bicycle Courier Starter Kit

Do you want to become a bicycle courier but all you’ve got are just a few tattoos and cut offs?

Well, if you act fast, you could snap up this Bike Courier Starter Kit. It comes with everything you could possibly need to become a bike courier on Toronto’s mean streets.

Helmet? CHECK!

Bike? CHECK!


Lock? CHECK!

Pens? CHECK!

Job? Strangely, yes, CHECK!

Oh Craigslist… what will you offer me next?

Via BikeSnobNYC

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Duncan rides bicycles in the city of Toronto and contributes to the main blog of BikingToronto as well as writing and taking photos for his blog Duncan's City Ride.


  1. Justin Jordan says:

    Has anyone been on a bike around the courier toronto? I would like to see the place.

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