Be Ye Not a Salmon for Thar Be Pirates!

Biking Rules PSA - Salmon

A “salmon” is a person on a bicycle riding upstream, or simply, the wrong way. recently held a PSA competition, asking for short videos that help promote safe cycling. One entry, seen below, shows ye… sorry, shows you what could happen when you “salmon.”

Pirates of the Broadway: Salmon from Laura on Vimeo.

And here’s more of the Pirates:

Pirates of the Broadway: Part Deux from Laura on Vimeo.

Watch more of the PSAs on YouTube.


  1. I want one of those boats for my bike!

  2. misslynx says:

    That is AWESOME. Now I really want a hook and net like that for dealing with idiots going the wrong way.

    Seriously, I have to wonder what some of these “salmon”are thinking. I mean, I understand getting stuck going the wrong way on a one-way street once in a while because you’re caught in one of those mazes in the Annex where the streets change direction every block and you can’t find any other way out.

    BUT… There is NO excuse for people like the woman I encountered the other day on Davenport, riding the wrong way in the bikelane in early rush hour, so that you’re hemmed in by parked cars on one side and fast-moving traffic on the other, and all of a sudden here she comes directly towards me, the wrong way, while wearing an iPod so she can’t hear people honking or yelling, gazing vacantly into space as though completely oblivious to her surroundings, and meandering from side to side like she was having a pleasant Sunday ride on a deserted country lane or something. If there hadn’t been an empty parking spot nearby, one or the other of us would have been dead. MY KINGDOM FOR A NET!


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