A Pro Skateboarder’s Lesson for Cyclists and Bad Drivers

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Over the past few months I’ve started following cyclists, bike companies and a dozen or so interesting people on Twitter. While I try not to get sucked in to the 140 character messages and start following every account I find, I’ve come across some great new cycling products and ideas on Twitter.
A few days ago, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk sent this tweet:

@tonyhawk thumb down gesture @ bad driver more effective than a middle finger – a bad review instead of a hostile scream.

While I try to keep my cool when an over-caffeinated driver is honking at me from their SUV because I’ve chosen to take the lane on a dodgy strip of road, it’s possible for even the most zen of us to lose our cool.
I do find that eye contact often ends the honks, yet there are times when I feel more of a message must be sent to end the situation. That’s when a thumbs down could come in handy.
Of course, any gesture can be taken as an act of aggression, so use it wisely. No one likes to hear when they’re at fault and when those people are behind the wheel of a 2-ton beast, you don’t need to egg them on any further.
If you want to find more cycling-related Twitter accounts, then check out the people and companies I’m following @DuncansCityRide
Photo from Flickr account of DinahSaysNothing


  1. I find ignoring them is quite effective. Why reinforce their idea of you with a hate-on when shunning makes them feel powerless?

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