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Covet: Road Holland Jerseys

Over the past year I’ve learned to embrace the fact that traditional cycling clothes are quite beneficial on longer rides. They are cut to match your position, feature waist grippers to keep your shirt in place and the pockets are simply handy.  Last year, I purchased a polyester long-sleeve jersey and while I find myself using the rear pockets and enjoy the cut, I really wish I’d held out for some wool.

Now, the Dutch may be better known for their everyday, bike in your regular clothes style but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few roadies and tourers in the bunch.

Road Holland jerseys are a merino/poly blend and come in understated colours… except, of course, for the orange Utrecht Jersey:

Road Holland jerseys and accessories for men and women can be found here: Road Holland

A Whole Foods With a Bicycle Service Station

Photo by Prolly

Via Prolly Is Not Probably

The photo above is of a bicycle service station at the Whole Foods Flagship store in Austin, TX. It’s free to use and comes equipped with tools and a pump and you can hang your bicycle from the saddle to make repairs.

More photos here: New Bicycle Repair Stand at Whole Foods Flagship

While I’m unaware of any such station in Toronto, I do know that to encourage and support cycling the Evergreen Brick Works site in the Don Valley has a bicycle service station called the Bike Works.

What do you think of the Whole Foods bicycle service station? Would knowing that there’s a service station encourage you to cycle longer distances when running errands?

The Benefits of TOD

Via Streetfilms:

For the first chapter in our Moving Beyond the Automobile series we’ll take a look at Transit-Oriented Development, more commonly known by its “TOD” acronym in transportation industry circles. TOD is a high-density, mixed-use residential area with access to ample amounts of transportation. There are usually many transportation nodes within its core and contains a walkable and bike-able environment.

Full article here: MBA: Transit-Oriented Development

Vélo du cœur

Threadless Infinity MPG Gets Reflective

You’ve probably seen this t-shirt about a 1,000 times… but you’ve never seen it like this before:

I like the reflective… not so sure about a hood on a longsleeve t-shirt though.

Order the shirt from Threadless here: Infinity MPG

Cycle Share Cycle Chic

Tina Dicow Sacre Coeur

Via Cycle Chic

The Geography of Youth

Restless Collective’s The Geography of Youth.

The Geography of Youth is a fresh, documentary photography project promoting global connections and understanding within the next generation. Alan and Morrigan’s sense of adventure, devotion to bicycle advocacy, environmental responsibility, and love of storytelling through photography will propel them as they serve as our tour guides, sharing with us through vivid images what it means to be a young adult in today’s ever-changing world.​projects/​1406442713/​the-geography-of-youth

Video: goodfocus
Music: Florence & the Machine, “Dog Days Are Over” (used with permission)

Like a Whole Other World

Public outrage over dangerous driving? It happens here, just look at the “stunt driving” laws passed in Ontario, but with our overall malaise towards aggressive, selfish and flat out dangerous driving habits we still have a long way to go.

Via Bike Darlington

Creating Invincible Pedestrians and Cyclists

Shhhh… don’t tell the anti- cycling and walking crowds about this invention.

From the makers of Xion Stuntpadding:

Our Xion protective gear product range is specifically designed to wear as undergarments.

The products are designed and tested by stuntmen / extreme sports athletes, stage and screen combatants, actors and more…

The fabric that carries the padding, is a lycra based stretchable fabric that comes in black with either grey or orange stitching (Skin colour fabric will be a future option as a specific feature to serve the stunt industry).

Most padded areas are covered with an abrasion resistant cordura with Teflon finish for extensive usage.

The Xion products are designed to protect the bony and rigid parts of the body. Because the padding is flexible, it does not perform in the same way on “soft” parts of the body as rigid protection does.

D3o (the padding in our products) combined with a hard shell, performs a lot better than any other rigid impact protection out there today but looses flexibility and movability by adding rigidity!

For the stunt business and most sports or professional applications this is a very important aspect of protection!

Rigid shell protectors do not give a person the desirable freedom of movement, even worse, these products are not worn as comfortable undergarments, just protection!

But can they protect you against the impact of a car? In the case of this stuntman on a controlled movie set, it appears so:

Learn more about the kind of protective padding no everyday cyclist or pedestrian should ever need at

Rollin’ On 45s

Awesome. Although that cord could be restricting.

More inventions on Vimeo