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Winter Cyclist Taxonomy

remind me to try this sometime

The Pacific Northwest Inlander looks at four types of winter cyclist:


Stealthy, swift and undeniably easy-going, the Metaphysicist doesn’t own a car. This type rides for pleasure — defying the norms of everyday transportation. You can spot him by the twinkle in his eyes, the ease with which he rides, his lack of concern over distance and weather.


This breed of winter commuter has a bike for every occasion. These specialized rides cost more than a lot of people’s cars, and they rip through the ice and snow better than any vehicle on four wheels. The Bike Guru is identifiable by his bicycle tattoos and his mastery of technical lingo.


This winter cyclist is equally at home in the conference room and the intersection. For Mr. Business-Casual, commuting is practical and efficient. His bicycle, like his briefcase, is an extension of his being — like an extra arm or a leg. Look for him to be wearing dress slacks and a sweater vest beneath his cycling jacket.


This winter warrior rides because it makes her happy. Mary Poppins takes her bike into the grocery store, to work, and into her friends’ houses, because she forgot her lock and no one has the heart to tell this merry nanny “no.” She rides in dresses, baskets and bells.

Read the full article here: Winter Warriors

Where do you fit on the list? Personally, I’m trying to be a “Mary Poppins” but no one is letting this guy bring his slush covered bicycles inside anywhere!

Photo via the BikingToronto Flickr Group

A Penny Farthing for Toronto Slush

Slush and snow got you wobbling all over? Wobble no more with MONSTERBIKE!

Winter Telegram Delivery

Bicycle Commuter Basics for Improving Efficiency

Your ride got you feeling down? Little sluggish out there? These simple tips could help improve your ride with a few quick fixes.

Via Momentum Magazine

Learning to Ride

“I wasn’t going to let fear hold me back. And, I wasn’t going to let fear make me feel old.”

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Bicycle Coffee Company in San Francisco

About Bicycle Coffee Company:

Bicycle Coffee is all about delivering great-tasting coffee by bicycle. Our coffee is always organic, fair-trade, and packaged in compostable bags. We deliver freshly roasted bags of coffee to offices, grocery stores, and cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our custom-built, small batch roaster allows us to roast our coffee exactly how we like it. We offer medium, dark, and decaf roasts.

Anytime you see a bag of our coffee, it was delivered by bicycle. Rain or shine we bike our beans to neighborhood grocery stores, Bay Area Whole Foods, cafes, and over 100 offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

Learn more at Bicycle Coffee Company
Visit the “brother” company Mission Workshop

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2011 in Motion

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Glorified Steam Kettles

This guy is amazing.

Happy New Year, do something productive this year, make a steam powered bicycle why don’tcha?