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Taking Cycling Beyond Recreation

Sing Love and Danger

Another excellent short from StreetFilms interviewing women who recently became bicycle commuters due to the massive expansion of cycling infrastructure in New York City.

Jeez, better bicycle infrastructure means more cyclists and less crowded transit… whooda thunk that?

Photo via the BikingToronto Flickr pool.

Bixi Gets the Janet Bike Girl Treatment

Bixi Bicycle Toronto, hand stenciled fabric patch

More of Janet Bike Girl’s patches here.

The Art of Manliness Discovers Two-Wheel Freedom

Koga World Traveller

There’s a great series of posts on The Art of Manliness introducing you to the world of bicycle touring. Read part 1 here and part 2 here. Here’s the final bit of advice from the post’s author:

You’ll know you’ve been riding too long when…

you’re in the best shape of your life, can ride for eight hours straight day-in and day-out, yet a simple 3-mile jog will leave you sore for days. The muscles used in cycling are different from those you use for running, and you will be amazed at how hard hiking and running is after a long time in the saddle.

cars make you feel as if you are riding in rocket ships with break-neck speeds and built with a claustrophobic construction.

your ass resembles a steel cushion of hardened calluses yet is still tender to the mildest glance.

…you are capable of doing all sorts of things with one hand, from opening cliff bar wrappers to rearranging the contents of your handlebar bag for accessibility purposes.

you can’t stand being inside, ever. Air-conditioned and stuffy rooms make you nauseous and sleeping inside feels like imprisonment.


Photo via the BikingToronto Flickr pool.

BikingToronto’s Best Advice for City Cycling Now


It’s post-Labour Day and students are back at school, teachers are back at work, summer hours are ending and the streets are getting busier.

With busier streets comes more Toronto residents using bicycles for getting to work and play. This may mean your quiet summer route is now busy and hectic. This may mean that you’ve put off getting your gears and brakes adjusted for too long. And this may all mean that you need some advice.

Here at BikingToronto we love not only sharing our own cycling stories, but helping out Toronto cyclists as well. Here are some of our most popular posts to help you become a more confident, better informed and an all-around happier Toronto cyclist:

The Complete 10 Secrets to Cycling with Traffic

10 quick ways to help you feel more comfortable cycling with traffic on Toronto’s streets. The are the “secrets” every person riding a bicycle in town needs to know. Here are the complete 10 Secrets to Cycling with Traffic.

Maps of Bike Routes, Bike Shops and Help Planning Your Commute

Looking for bike lanes and bike routes near your new place or to help you get to around Toronto? The BikingToronto Bike Lane Map can help you find your route. To get a printed copy of the official City of Toronto Bike Map go here. And if you want advice on a specific route, submit your desired start and end locations to the Toronto/GTA Bicycle Route Mapping Wiki and get advice from local cyclists.

Need some bicycle parts, repairs or a new bike altogether? Our interactive Google map of the 70+ bike shops in Toronto can help you find what you need.

Overcome the Challenges of Fall Riding

When it rains you can always hop on the TTC, but wouldn’t it be more fun to keep riding your bicycle? Here’s how to ride in the rain.

How to Securely Lock your Bicycle and Get Better Bicycle Parking

Not sure if you’ve got the right equipment to lock your bicycle safely and securely? Here’s how to get the right lock on any budget.

Recently moved to a new condominium and the bicycle parking isn’t up to snuff? Here’s how to get better bicycle parking for your condo.

Register your bicycle with the Toronto Police to speed up recovery should your bicycle be stolen. Register your bicycle here.

Discover and Share Toronto Cycling Events

Looking to connect with other bicycle-friendly Torontonians? Are you running an event and want to spread the word. The BikingToronto Events calendar allows you to quickly find cycling events and share yours here.

What’s the deal with Bixi Toronto?

Bicycle sharing is taking the world by storm and we want Toronto to be next. You can help secure the first 1,000 shared bicycles using the advanced and friendly Bixi system. Get Information about the Bixi Toronto bike share system and how you can help make it happen here.

The above links may help answer some of your Toronto cycling questions. However, if the advice you need isn’t here simply leave a comment below and we’ll help you find the answers you need.

Art Spin’s Final Ride for 2010 to be Followed by Special Party


Art Spin invites you to join our final bicycle tour of the season for an interactive and exciting adventure through Toronto’s west end art district visiting art galleries, artist’s studios and installations or performances in unique places. The September 30th tour of this hugely successful and incredibly popular art event promises to be our most exciting outing yet.

The wide ranging programming of this month’s Art Spin will include visits to XPACE, Gallery TPW and The Gladstone Hotel, and will feature a choreographed performance by Miko Sobeira, and a special musical performance by Art Spin MC and trumpeting cyclist Michael Lewis Johnson, plus many more surprises. For the grand finale of this event, the adventure will end at an undisclosed 10,000 square foot warehouse location for an exciting exhibition curated by the members of the Art Spin team – Casey Hinton, Layne Hinton and Rui Pimenta. It will include works from over 15 emerging and established artists representing a broad range of media, materials and artistic practices; all followed by what will be a lively and entertaining after party.

With over 150 participants at the last event, this upcoming tour promises to be a huge success, an event that shouldn’t be missed.

Art Spin meets at the gate to Trinity Bellwoods Park at Queen St. & Strachan Ave. The tour departs at 7pm sharp, and wraps up around 9:30pm with an after party to follow, light appetizers and drinks will be served, accompanied by live music. Join us at 6:30pm to Art-Up your bike and participate in the fix-it session courtesy of Bike Pirates. This is a free event, and anyone regardless of age or cycling ability is welcome.

Grab your bike and join us for the final Art Spin of the season on Thursday September 30th, 2010.

To get a glimpse of past events, watch this video courtesy of the Neighborhood Arts Network:

For more information visit, email us at info (at) artspin(dot)ca

Two Tired

Via the Whoa!

The Light Bicycle

Light bike

Very cool light “painting” captured by cycleographer.

Daryn Ford for Mayor “No More Cyclists”

Daryn Ford for Mayor

Via TheDarynJones on YouTube

Momentum Magazine Issue #47 – All About Kids and Cargo Bikes

Momentum Magazine Cover Issue 47

Who can really get enough of cargo bikes? And what better way to take your children with you?

The latest issue of Momentum Magazine has articles all about the growing North American market for cargo bicycles and features a few reviews of these people-powered haulers, including the Zigo Leader pictured on the cover.

Read the latest issue for free online here. Or visit your local bicycle retailer to pick up a copy.

Covet: PAC Designs Bags

I’ll admit, I’m pretty new to the Toronto cycling scene. I’ve never been a courier and when I first started commuting (way up to the middle of nowhere) I rarely encountered other cyclists.

Now that I’m living closer to downtown and cycling all over the city I can certainly understand the demand for quality cycling bags. I’ve already written about Under the Weather, Push the Envelope and Mariclaro bags, all made in Toronto. Well, add to this list PAC Designs, while not made in Toronto their design was introduced here back in the mid-1990s and they remain in Ontario.

It’s fantastic to see so many bag manufacturers growing from and around the Toronto cycling scene.

For more info on PAC Designs, go here.