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Mayor David Miller on the Failure to Implement Toronto’s Bike Plan

Screen shot David Miller Bike Lanes

Via BikeLaneDiary

Touring Toronto’s Cupcake Scene by Bicycle

Photo via Toronto Star article

Via Toronto Star:

Hyedie Hashimoto’s idea of a sweet ride is hopping on her black road bike and zipping across Toronto from bakery to bakery, sampling cupcakes.

Call it a kind of culinary biking tour. There are definitely enough cupcake shops across town to support one.

“I just have a sweet tooth,” says Hashimoto, a 32-year-old graphic designer. “Tying in cupcakes was tying something fun into biking.”

Read the full article at the Toronto Star or learn more about Hyedie Hashimoto’s next cupcake ride at

416CycleStyle’s West Side CycleStyle Story

West Side CycleStyle Story via @416CycleStyle:

More photos of Toronto style and the bicycles below on 416 Cycle Style Toronto

Covet: Retrovelo Frame Bag and TATO Commuter Bicycle

Retrovelo Frame Bag

The Retrovelo frame bag is absolutely stunning.

Or, if I already had a fancy leather briefcase, which I don’t, maybe I’d want this TATO commuter bicycle, nix the suspension though:

TATO Commuter Bicycle

Karen Stintz, Ward 16 “I will bike to work more regularly”

Photo by Dave Chan for National Post - screen shot taken of National Post Web Site

Via Posted Toronto:

While I will not join the ranks of the daily bike commuter, I will bike to work more regularly. I have also learned a few things. I felt safer when riding on dedicated bike lanes. I have a new appreciation for the complaint about people parking in bike lanes. Biking on secondary roads is less appealing because there are so many stop signs. I am not sure we have a rational plan for integrating bike lanes into our transportation network but I do believe we should keep trying.

Too bad you missed out on voting in favour of the University Avenue bike lane pilot project, those would have taken you directly to work!

Read the entire article at Posted Toronto.

When Worlds Collide

Screen shot 2010-06-01

Car, bike, bus… what happens when worlds collide?

See below:

Via Change Your Life. Ride a Bike.