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Why Do Guys Like Girls Like That?

Hot Chicks On Bikes Montage

Monkey Warfare | MySpace Video

Monkey Warfare | MySpace Video

Sorry about the title of the above video. But, that’s what it’s called on the Monkey Warfare MySpace page.

Released in 2006, Monkey Warfare is the story of two ex-revolutionaries living “off-the-radar” in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. The couple salvage collectable garbage and sell it online to make a living and then spend the rest of their days on bikes. The above montage shows Don McKellar’s character checking out the “sights” while biking in Toronto.
More info on Monkey Warfare here. You can rent this film at most video stores.

You can take it with you

A trike plus a shopping cart plus milk crates plus buckets and assorted “green” bags and you can take it all with you.

Spotted on Bloor Street West near Palmerston. (Click on the photo for a better look)


Zombie Cyclist
Originally uploaded by Georgie_grrl

Protecting an empty skull with her helmet as her brains are secured by a u-lock.


As fall rolls across Toronto, bike racks around town become permanent resting places for abandoned bicycles.
The above big-box suspension bike was left around the corner from my apartment, possibly due to a front flat tire. It remained untouched for almost a week. Walking by yesterday someone had relieved the abandoned bicycle of its rear wheel, bar ends and seat.
What I find compelling though, is that this bicycle is not locked at all. It’s just leaning there. Why take the rear wheel and seat when you could just take the whole bike? Perhaps the previous owner will return to the bike in the spring and say, “Well, at least they left that flat front tire.”

Cadillac Bike from Toronto Bike Show

I’d like to see this one parked out front of the Cadillac Lounge in Parkdale.

MEC Releases Bike Line

The Toronto Mountain Equipment Co-op store is known for many things. The massive climbing wall, the green roof and the overwhelming array of backpacks. Now, they can add an expanded bicycle section that includes a brand of bikes.

Geared towards commuters, mountain bikers, casual riders and cyclocross racers, the new line features subdued graphics and a range of price points. Hopefully we’ll start to see some reviews from riders across Canada, but until then here are a few photos and a video from the launch day at the Vancouver MEC location.