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Oil Crimp

by Shannon Lee Stirling

Louisiana, Michigan,
Don’t forget Mediterranean,
Tar Sands in Alberta,
Pipelines in Panama,

Spilling over.
Must take cover.

But we cannot get away.
Polyester’s here to stay.
Oil, oil everywhere,
In our clothes,
In our hair.

Eating food-like products,
The corporations’ got us.

Every time I take a sip
There’s plastic on my lips.

Drip, drip,
BP slipped,
Now it’s a slick.

Drifting up our coastlines.
Poisoning our shorelines.

Obama says it will be fine!

But don’t take pictures
Of the fissures,
Petrol mixtures,
Geographical blisters.

Pimple on the Earth,
When it pops it’s gonna hurt.

But keep on spending,
Keep on driving.

Economy’s thriving, we’re surviving.
Right? Right? Right? Right?
Right? Right? WRONG!
I can no longer go along.

I must resist!
Tell everyone about all of this.
The corporations can go to hell!
Tell BP to stuff that well!

Posted: August 21st, 2010
Filed under: Cyclops Events
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