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Puppets for Peace, Tomorrow!

Clay & Paper Theatre’s CYCLOPS: Cycling Oriented Puppetry Squad Presents:

Puppets for Peace: Playfully Standing Up

For Canadians’ Civil Liberties

@ Queen’s Park July 10th, 2010 1:30 pm


As part of the Pan-Canadian Day of Action for Civil Liberties, Clay & Paper’s CYCLOPS: Cycling Oriented Puppetry Squad will be offering playful puppetry animation in conjunction with the demonstration and march in Toronto.

To show solidarity with Canadians demanding a public inquiry into G20 security, CYCLOPS will be animating the demonstration with a party of puppets. The squad will perform a variety of G20-related pieces as well as join the crowd as puppet characters to provide light-hearted animation.

This event is a reaction to the repression of our civil liberties around the G20 events in Toronto – arbitrary searches and detainments, reports of police violence, and detention centre conditions. With tension still raging in the city, CYCLOPS seeks to bring an element of play and positivity to the event. “Puppets say what people can’t”, says David Anderson, Founder and Artistic Director of the company. Puppets for Peace hopes to reach out to those who have been intimidated by previous protests and to inspire the spirit of solidarity.

Based in Dufferin Grove Park, Clay & Paper Theatre aims to reunite art with community. The company is grounded in the idea that performance in public space is an act of cultural transformation.

CYCLOPS Squad: Miranda Allen, Bronwyn Davies Glover, Shannon Lee Stirling, and Maria Wodzinska
CYCLOPS Project Coordinator: Catherine McLeod
Clay & Paper Theatre Artistic Director: David Anderson

Puppets for Peace

Saturday July 10th, 2010,1:30 pm

Queen’s Park

Posted: July 9th, 2010
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