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Bells on Bloor: The Lyrics

An amazing photo of CYCLOPS’ very own Bronwyn Davies Glover leading the ride from High Park to Queens Park. Photo by: Martin Reis

See more photos from Bells on Bloor: The Musical.

Did you get a chance to hear Bells on Bloor: The Musical in its entirety upon our arrival at Queen’s Park? If  not, here’s a look at the lyrics, from Red all the way to Fuschia. Enjoy!

Bells on Bloor: The Musical

Red – Bronwyn

1) There once was a city
2) Of which we sing this ditty
1) This city is pretty
2) ‘Cause it’s full of bikes

Orange – David

1) Tell me about this city
2) Where is it pretty?
1) Tell me about this city
2) And where to ride

Yellow – Bernadette

1) Of all the places to explore
2) All of the best ones are on Bloor
1) Come ride with us and take a stand
2) Bike lanes on Bloor Street is the plan
all) How can we make them understand?

White – Maria

1) If there were more bike lanes
2) There would be more cyclists
1) If there were more cyclists
2) There’d be air to breathe

Blue – Casey

1) From East to the West
2) Bicycle express
1) Bike lanes on Bloor Street
2) Would be best

Green – Miranda

1) With the Bloor Line
2) You don’t need cars to get around
1) No street car tracks
2) Means way fewer cyclists hit the ground
all) Bells on Bloor, I like the sound

Pink – Daniel

1) When will there be bike lanes
2) Bike lanes on Bloor Street
1) Bike lanes on Bloor Street
2) For you and me?

Lavender – Cat

1) Once council gets the mission
2) And council sees the vision
1) And makes a good decision
2) For this ci-ty

Purple – Shannon Lee

1) Ring your bell out
2) Bells on Bloor to take a stand
1) Ring your bell loud
2) For Bike Lanes on Bloor Street, to get around
all) Biking on Bloor Street, makes my heart pound

Fuscia – Leanne

1) Take the Tooker
2) Tooker had the vision, and WE got the plan
1) Bike down Bloor Street
2) People powered travel, because we can
all) People powered travel, yes we can!

Posted: June 1st, 2010
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  1. 1 Revolution, Reform and the Role of Bicycles in Toronto | dandyhorse magazine said at 9:08 am on August 23rd, 2011:

    [...] us back the the present, CYCLOPS perform the song “Bells on Bloor,” a call to action to continue the political push for practical cycling improvements. [...]

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