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A Blogging Thought Process
David Byrne Thinks Like Me

My line of thought before writing this blog entry:

can’t think…..


lemme search “biking Toronto” see if I get any ideas … that Mississauga bit worked out OK –  hey, ….

what’s this “David Byrne Bike Cam” thing….

wonder if it’s “the” david byrne …

…. that’s him- his voice -  wow, this is cool, he’s getting pissed at cars and pedestrians – just like I do

“Lady, if I was a truck you wouldn’t be doing that”
oohahhahahaaaa.  I thought david byrne would ride around NYC thinking of how to turn the Statue of Liberty into an oboe – but he’s thinking like me on the bike

he’s getting cut off – that cab isn’t going to stop – this video is good

“The sights of New York, you never get tired of it
imagine riding along and you pull up to Times Square –  New York fuckin’ City is cool…..

“That’s one of the rules I’ve learned, if you see New Jersey license plates, watch out, they’re not familiar with…non-cars on the road”
– hehee heee – non-cars – that’s our 905ers, like you’re an apparition – that’s another one I could write –  boy, the sight of a bicycle can freeze a 905 Benz at 50 yards, heh, heh, heee


wow, cool, this could work, if I write about this video, better find out more about him


What? “activism in support of increased cycling” – get the fuck out – I guess it makes sense – “nothing but flowers” – was that the name? there was another one I  remember really liking off the album with the monkey, but I think  it must’ve been “nothing but flowers”

…how old? …1952, yes, older than me

what else – Grammy…Oscar… Golden Globe…Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Oscar?  fuckin’ hell I didn’t know he did all this shite

check his site, probably cool  –> “Bicycle Diaries” good lord, he’s all over the bicycling thing – the site’s  a giant ad – sucks

jeez – turned the building into an instrument,– and he designed bike racks, and NYC put them up, they’re cool, — always could watch a talking heads video, — it’s a true artist, creative with anything

lemme check that cam video again, ….

wow…heh, hee, heee, … david byrne thinks just like me

Posted: October 5th, 2010
Filed under: Cycling News
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