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Once is not Enough – Ride Again to Save the Bike Lanes

Birchmount Pharmacy Bike LaneDate & Time:
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 – 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Meet at the Victoria Park subway station

The first ride to save the Pharmacy & Birchmount bike lanes on June 28 was a  success with many local riders joined by cyclists from across Toronto.

Everyone who took part agreed it is important to build on the momentum of the first ride to raise awareness in the neighbourhoods (no one we spoke to on the first ride knew there was a pending Toronto city council vote to remove the bike lanes) with a second ride and we hope you can join us.

Toronto City Council votes on July 13th to accept all or part of Mayor Rob Ford’s Bike Plan, which calls for the removal of the bike lanes installed in 2008 on Pharmacy Ave. & Birchmount Rd..

This is a matter of personal safety for everyone who uses the roads and we will ride on Wednesday to help save the lanes.

Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts or whether you can make it or not.

You can also let the Mayor and the two local councillors, whose wards the bike lanes travel through, know how you feel by sending a message to the following email addresses:

Mayor Ford:

Ward 35 Councillor Berardinetti:

Ward 36 Councillor Crawford:

Also please join our Facebook Group:
Let’s Ride!


Posted: July 3rd, 2011
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The Middle of Winter – Time for a Historic Cycling Event in Toronto

This Friday, February 4, at 10:30 am, Team Spidertech powered by C10 holds a press event at the Hockey Hall of Fame to officially launch its 2011 season.

Why is that so historic? In the off-season, Team Spidertech powered by C10 became the first Canadian cycling team to earn a Professional Continental license from the Union Cycliste International (UCI), the sport’s governing body.

The UCI Continental circuits are international bicycle racing’s Tier 2 events.

What’s Tier 1? The UCI World Tour: the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, the Vuelta a España. In other words, Team SpiderTech is now one step away from competing at bicycle racing’s highest level – and the plan is to do so within the next few years.

01 Toronto Criterium 2010 - Photo by Cycling50Plus

Toronto Criterium 2010

How Canadian is Team SpiderTech? The red and white starts at the top. The team’s manager and driving force is Steve Bauer, the only Canadian to wear the yellow jersey on more than one occasion, doing so a remarkable 14 times in 11 Tours de France.

16 of the 19 SpiderTech riders are Canadian and all the riders are from North America.

Even the bikes are Canadian, custom made for the team by Argon 18 of Montreal.

All the team’s major sponsors are Canadian, including RIM, Saputo, Nucap Medical (SpiderTech), PineTree Capital and Planet Energy.

How good is Team SpiderTech? A top 10 finish in the Tour of California – against Lance and many other Tour de France riders – capped the team’s very successful 2010 season.

Locally, they placed six riders in the top 10 of the Toronto Criterium, including first to fourth places, and four riders in the top 10 of the Queen’s Park Grand Prix.

Individually, many team members produced personal best performances and Guillame Boivin of Longueuil, Que., placed third at the U23 World Championships in Australia.

02 Toronto Criterium 2010 - Photo by Cycling50Plus

Toronto Criterium 2010

But the team has added even more pedal-power since the end of the season, including:

- Will Routly – Canadian Road Race Champion
- Hugo Houle – Canadian U23 Road Race Champion
- Zach Bell – 2009 and 2011 silver medalist at the UCI Track Cycling World Championship

Most recently, Team SpiderTech signed their highest profile rider, Svein Tuft, of Langley, BC. A 2008 World Championship silver medalist and stage winner on the UCI World Tour, Svein brings two years of World Tour experience to the team.

Along with another recent signing, Pat McCarty, and 2010 team member Lucas Euser,  Tuft gives Team SpiderTech three riders with experience on the World Tour.

A Canadian team playing on cycling’s world stage is not just a source of national pride. If anything will give cycling a stronger voice in Canada, stifle the Toronto naysayers and garner the attention that cycling deserves, it will be success at the highest level. It will be when the members of Team SpiderTech ride along the Champs Elysee, champagne in their hands and the maple leaf on their backs. It will be historic.

And to that I say – GO TEAM SPIDERTECH GO!!

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Posted: February 1st, 2011
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A Blogging Thought Process
David Byrne Thinks Like Me

My line of thought before writing this blog entry:

can’t think…..


lemme search “biking Toronto” see if I get any ideas … that Mississauga bit worked out OK –  hey, ….

what’s this “David Byrne Bike Cam” thing….

wonder if it’s “the” david byrne …

…. that’s him- his voice -  wow, this is cool, he’s getting pissed at cars and pedestrians – just like I do

“Lady, if I was a truck you wouldn’t be doing that”
oohahhahahaaaa.  I thought david byrne would ride around NYC thinking of how to turn the Statue of Liberty into an oboe – but he’s thinking like me on the bike

he’s getting cut off – that cab isn’t going to stop – this video is good

“The sights of New York, you never get tired of it
imagine riding along and you pull up to Times Square –  New York fuckin’ City is cool…..

“That’s one of the rules I’ve learned, if you see New Jersey license plates, watch out, they’re not familiar with…non-cars on the road”
– hehee heee – non-cars – that’s our 905ers, like you’re an apparition – that’s another one I could write –  boy, the sight of a bicycle can freeze a 905 Benz at 50 yards, heh, heh, heee


wow, cool, this could work, if I write about this video, better find out more about him


What? “activism in support of increased cycling” – get the fuck out – I guess it makes sense – “nothing but flowers” – was that the name? there was another one I  remember really liking off the album with the monkey, but I think  it must’ve been “nothing but flowers”

…how old? …1952, yes, older than me

what else – Grammy…Oscar… Golden Globe…Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Oscar?  fuckin’ hell I didn’t know he did all this shite

check his site, probably cool  –> “Bicycle Diaries” good lord, he’s all over the bicycling thing – the site’s  a giant ad – sucks

jeez – turned the building into an instrument,– and he designed bike racks, and NYC put them up, they’re cool, — always could watch a talking heads video, — it’s a true artist, creative with anything

lemme check that cam video again, ….

wow…heh, hee, heee, … david byrne thinks just like me

Posted: October 5th, 2010
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