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A Gallery of “Pinkos That Ride Bicycles”?

Clara Hughes - Olympic medalist, Summer & Winter Games, cycling and speed skating

Steve Bauer - 1st Canadian in Yellow, not pink

Paralympic Cyclists - WOW

My Cousin Terry - Rode his bike from Kaiteur Falls, Guyana, to Niagara Falls, Ont., to fight the stigmas associated with mental illness.

Lance - 'nuff said

John Lennon - It was 30 years ago today.

The King

The Prince

My wife on the day 20 years ago when we found out we were going to have a family.

Our son some years later.

Albert Einstein looking happy, relatively.

Danny Macaskill - Best biking video ever?


Audrey Hepburn

Pink, no o.

15,000 riders for charity - June 5, 2011 is coming up!

Snoopy dog


Paul Newman in the only western in which the outlaw rides off on a bike.

St. Nick

Seasons’ Greetings Everyone! Happy Rides in 2011!

Posted: December 9th, 2010
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One Comment on “A Gallery of “Pinkos That Ride Bicycles”?”

  1. 1 Patches said at 5:39 am on December 9th, 2010:

    Hey! This is great. But really, aren’t they all a bunch of pinkos?

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