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Your Ride & Prejudice

This post is inspired by Joe T.’s blog entry “The Last Thing Toronto Need is More Cyclists”. Joe makes the point that the term “cyclist” is often inaccurate because most cyclists are also drivers, pedestrians and/or transit users. As Joe puts it: “People who ride bikes are not “cyclists”… they are people who happen to ride bikes.” And if we had more of them, Joe suggests riding would become more mainstream.

Not a cyclist.

Photo courtesy of SpacingToronto

It’s a good read and the comments are equally as thought provoking. But the task of popularizing cycling by making it more pedestrian (forgive me) is very daunting. Why? “Cyclist” and “motorist” are labels used by others. Most riders don’t call themselves “cyclists”, just as most drivers don’t call themselves “motorists” – as Joe puts it, “when someone asks a car driver “so… tell me about yourself”, no normal person says “I’m a motorist!”.”

Unfortunately, the labels are often used negatively, like when riders complain that “motorists” won’t share the road and when drivers decry “cyclists” for always breaking the rules.

Worst of all, the labels engender prejudice.

Behind the Labels – Rider or driver; take away the wheels and what do you have? In both cases: a person. One person rides a bike, the other person drives a car.

Most altercations between drivers and riders are based almost entirely on the fact that one is a “cyclist” and the other a “motorist” – and the prejudice brought by each against the other based on the respective modes of transportation.

Looking at it another way: did you ever see a pedestrian give the finger to another pedestrian after being cutoff, blocked or forced to slow down while walking?   (Happens to me every time I go to the mall – mall walkers are the worst. ;) )

Posted: October 20th, 2010
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A Blogging Thought Process
David Byrne Thinks Like Me

My line of thought before writing this blog entry:

can’t think…..


lemme search “biking Toronto” see if I get any ideas … that Mississauga bit worked out OK –  hey, ….

what’s this “David Byrne Bike Cam” thing….

wonder if it’s “the” david byrne …

…. that’s him- his voice -  wow, this is cool, he’s getting pissed at cars and pedestrians – just like I do

“Lady, if I was a truck you wouldn’t be doing that”
oohahhahahaaaa.  I thought david byrne would ride around NYC thinking of how to turn the Statue of Liberty into an oboe – but he’s thinking like me on the bike

he’s getting cut off – that cab isn’t going to stop – this video is good

“The sights of New York, you never get tired of it
imagine riding along and you pull up to Times Square –  New York fuckin’ City is cool…..

“That’s one of the rules I’ve learned, if you see New Jersey license plates, watch out, they’re not familiar with…non-cars on the road”
– hehee heee – non-cars – that’s our 905ers, like you’re an apparition – that’s another one I could write –  boy, the sight of a bicycle can freeze a 905 Benz at 50 yards, heh, heh, heee


wow, cool, this could work, if I write about this video, better find out more about him


What? “activism in support of increased cycling” – get the fuck out – I guess it makes sense – “nothing but flowers” – was that the name? there was another one I  remember really liking off the album with the monkey, but I think  it must’ve been “nothing but flowers”

…how old? …1952, yes, older than me

what else – Grammy…Oscar… Golden Globe…Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Oscar?  fuckin’ hell I didn’t know he did all this shite

check his site, probably cool  –> “Bicycle Diaries” good lord, he’s all over the bicycling thing – the site’s  a giant ad – sucks

jeez – turned the building into an instrument,– and he designed bike racks, and NYC put them up, they’re cool, — always could watch a talking heads video, — it’s a true artist, creative with anything

lemme check that cam video again, ….

wow…heh, hee, heee, … david byrne thinks just like me

Posted: October 5th, 2010
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