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OH YEAH! West Toronto Railpath Extension Moves to Design and Implementation Phase!

The West Toronto Railpath Extension is moving forward.  To summarize the stuff below - the public had 30 days to request an Environmental Assessment (which takes fooorrreverrrr) for the project.  The … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Comment on West Toronto Railpath Extension by Feb 15

Until February 15, 2016, stakeholders of the West Toronto Railpath Extension have the opportunity to comment on the Environmental Study Report (ESR). You can read a hard copy of the report at … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: What the West Toronto Railpath extension will look like

The extension of the West Toronto Railpath hasn't exactly been on the radar over the last little while as city staff were in the midst of an extensive Environmental Assessment of the route of Phase 2. … [Read more...]

ARREST HER: Driver somehow gets her car on the Railpath; reportedly HITS A CHILD.

You can't make this stuff up folks. The following is from the Reddit comments thread.  Did this idiot actually hit a child?!!?!? It was reported to Police by many, especially after she hit a … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: West Toronto Railpath Update

Good reminder from Dandyhorse about the plans to extend the Railpath: We at dandyhorse and very pleased that it would appear that the West Toronto Railpath is finally going to be moving south. We … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Cyclists eager to extend trips downtown on the West Toronto Railpath

The 3.5-metre-wide cycling and pedestrian path currently runs for two kilometres along the railway corridor, roughly following Dundas Street West, from Dupont Street in the north to near College … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: West Toronto Railpath Extension Public Consultation Review

Today I'm linking to a really good synopsis (with photos!) of the public consultation on the West Toronto Railpath Extension by Jnyyz on his blog "Biking in a Big City". Looks very good.... as an east … [Read more...]

EVENT: Mon, June 23 – West Toronto Railpath Extension Public Meeting

The second of two public events for this study will take place on: Date: Monday, June 23, 2014 Time: 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. with a presentation at 6:30 p.m. Location: Parkdale Community … [Read more...]

EVENT: Apr. 25-27 – Guided Railpath Extension Tours!

Well this looks awesome. Guided tours of the proposed route of the Railpath Extension! We invite you to explore the proposed route and help shape what will become Toronto's premiere piece of cycling … [Read more...]

West Toronto Railpath remains unplowed

UPDATE: Councillor Ana Bailao has commented with a link about when the Railpath has been salted and/or ploughed. --------------------- For those of you who are in the west end, the Railpath … [Read more...]