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Weekly Wrap-Up: A Better Commute is by Bike!

Happy Friday! Today is Good Friday, and it's going to be super warm (forecast high of 24 degrees), so get on your bike and make it a Super Friday! :) Here's some good links of all the new and … [Read more...]

Blog Weekly Wrap-Up: College Street Survey and Mississauga Bikes

Happy Friday!  Today is a cold one!  The good news is that April starts next week! :) Here’s all the stuff you’ve seen (or missed) in the past week! (if you don’t already get this in your … [Read more...]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Mayoral Race and Shoppers Love Bikelanes

Happy Friday!  Here's all the stuff you've seen (or missed) in the past week! (if you don’t already get this in your email, but would like to – you can sign up here) In The … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Smitherman Pauses and Cabs Love Bikelanes

Happy Friday!  BikingToronto is growing fast... so here's all the cool stuff that's been going on this week! (if you don’t already get this in your email, but would like to – you can sign up … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: BikeMonth, BikeMap, BikeTickets

Happy Friday!  It looks like it's going to be a great warm (for March) sunny weekend the next couple of days.  Get out there on two wheels and enjoy it! Here's your BikingToronto Wrap-Up for this … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Does Rocco Rossi Love the BikeSauce?

Happy snowy Friday to you! I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to bombing around my neighbourhood streets in all this fresh powder. :) Here is your weekly wrap-up, run-down and scoop … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Ice Bike Races and Toronto Bixi in Trouble

Happy seasonably warm Friday to you!  This morning was a great one for riding to work.  Spring is right around the corner!    Here's all the news from the world of Toronto cycling from the past week, … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Complete Streets!

Happy Friday to you.  Here's all the news stuff from the last week that you can peruse while you are: a) sipping cocoa under blankets b) biking happily through the snow c) doing both at the … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Toronto’s Mayoral Race and Lighting Your Bike

Hi everyone! It looks like typical Toronto winter weather has descended upon us finally (for at least a few days), so I hope you're all staying warm if you are biking around (and it seems more … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Bikelanes an Election Issue, More People Biking and Cemetary Bike Racks

How was your week everyone?  With the mild temperatures did you try out some winter biking?  Get it in while you can... there's a good chance that February isn't going to be as nice to us as January … [Read more...]

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