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Weekly News Wrap-Up: Who to Blame for Bike/Car Collisions?

It's Friday. Time for a big list of newsy links full of bikes! :) Government to blame for bike accidents in Ontario … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: The Bryant / Sheppard Altercation

Wow. Busy week in news.As more details come out about the Bryant / Sheppard Altercation, it's sounding more and more like a horrible road rage incident and less like a cycling issue. That isn't … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: BMX Parks and Kenk Back in Court

Here's all your bikey news, in one great post. :) Troubled Neighbourhood Salvation on Two WheelsIt is an unlikely setting for a summer camp -- but in a cordoned-off section of a Toronto Community … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Film Festivals and Sidewalk Cycling

Happy Friday everyone... the Weekly News Wrap-Up returns! :)Tire Trouble: How is it that cyclists stalk our sidewalks? It was a horrible accident, but an outlier. According to the statistics … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Helmets, Bike Stores, and Bike Rentals

Happy Friday everyone... the Weekly News Wrap-Up will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks as I'm visiting family in an internet-poor part of the east coast. Feel free to watch the news section of the … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Summer in the Bike City

Fridays are for Weekly News Wrap-Ups!From BlogTO: The Best (or Worst!) Hills for Cyclists in TorontoAwesome post from BlogTO: The Best (or Worst!) Hills for Cyclists in Toronto Toronto may be a … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Cyclist Hit and Councillor Walker wants Helmets

A couple items of news from the past week:Councillor Walker wants Helmets to be Mandatory In addition to wanting bikes and/or cyclists to be licensed, Councillor Walker also wants to make wearing … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Bike News from Toronto

Happy Friday! Time for all the news from the past week! :) Councillor Michael Walker to propose a bicycle licensing scheme in Toronto City Councillor Mickael Walker was on CBC's Metro Morning … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Planning A Bike-Friendly City

Happy Friday! Here's the news from the past week:Globe and Mail: A city made for cyclists (Hint: it's not Toronto)There's a big, disturbing gap between what's normal for cyclists in Toronto and … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Police Bike Blitz and More!

Happy Friday! Time for all the news from the past week! :)Bike Union Releases First Annual Report The Toronto Cyclists Union has released their first Annual Report! The PDF is available here. … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Naked Cycling, Danforth Bikelanes, Minnan-Wong Tries Biking

Happy Friday! Time for all the news from the past week! :)Headlines: Naked Cyclists Wage War on Cars? Spacing Toronto: How to fan the flames of the fake War on the Car in Toronto I suggested that … [Read more...]

Weekly News Wrap-Up: Bloor Bikelane Delays, BikeSummit Review, and More!

Happy Friday! BikeMonth is entering week #4 on Monday... and bikes are continuing to stay in the news. Here's all the news that has appeared on BikingToronto in the past week, plus all the stories in … [Read more...]

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