Weekly Wrap-Up: Car Drivers on the Gravy Train

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Covet: Four Panniers With Style [Duncan’s City Ride]
Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a bag. Active transportation can mean a little sweat, and carrying a bag is a quick way to dampen a shirt. But, with so many active Torontonians using bicycles to get to work and school, you still need to carry books, computers and lunches with you. Enter the […] Related posts: Covet: Backpacks for the Cycling Commuter Don’t Call it a Girl’s Bike Covet: Everyday Eco Items by The Straight Stitch
  • On Saturday, Nov. 6, Cedarvale Park hosted the Canadian Cyclocross Championships. Bikeroo has posted a video of a crash and here are a few great photos courtesy of the Ontario Cycling Association: You can view many more photos from the event on the Ontario Cycling Association’s Facebook Page. Related posts:BikeSauce Launches their Social Hub and […] Related posts: BikeSauce Launches their Social Hub and Library Photos from the Bloor Viaduct Bikelane Improvements Photo of the Day: Canadian Bike
  • via derrideb on flickr Related posts:Bricks and Bike Distillery Blur Related posts: Bricks and Bike Distillery Blur
  • Yes, Toronto is a big city, and yes it has it’s share of car traffic congestion… but it’s not too bad, despite the assertions of some columnists. The proof is a video of a morning bike commute on major roads, with almost no car traffic: Looks like there’s plenty of room on Toronto roads for […] Related posts: Around the World: The New York Congestion Charge On The Blogs: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets Hell Freezes Over! Margaret Wente Wants A Downtown Congestion Charge
  • Duncan highlights some very nice bike seat colours, via the Deadly Nightshades: Customize your bicycle with an amazing, durable, one-o-a-kind seat cover from THE GILD. Locally produced using recycled materials and love. Each cover includes a removable foam insert for comfortable riding, while a shaped overhang, elastic cording and toggle at the base ensures a […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets Stuff: New Bicycle Seat Helps The Libido Weekly Wrap-Up: Getting Ready for…
  • A somewhat surprising article is appearing in the Toronto Star today. It’s called “Cyclists doing good for all of us” and is by Joe Fiorito, who has not been the biggest bicycling-advocate the city has seen by a long stretch…) and advocates that the city should pay more attention to cyclists: [Bikes are] good for […] Related posts: The Star writes about a Bloor-Danforth Bikeway Headlines: Promoting Cycling to Newcomers, The Bike Train, and Cycling Advocacy Toronto Star: Denmark cycles into…
  • Duncan has posted a great video of lots of cyclists in Montreal, via Copenhagenize: Like in over 130 cities around the world, a bike share system has kickstarted the return of bicycle to the city. In Montreal’s case it’s the Bixi. In October 3 million trips had been registered so far this year. See the […] Related posts: Elsewhere: Montreal is Embracing Public Bike Sharing Montreal is looking at “self-serve” bike rentals Seeing Montreal by Bixi
  • via derrideb on flickr Related posts:Broken Bicycle Distillery Blur Related posts: Broken Bicycle Distillery Blur
  • Bike Sauce will be holding a Winter Cycling Seminar tonight. The aim of the seminar is to educate those who may be a bit weary, but want to take up winter riding. The format will be a workshop / discussion, so experienced winter cyclists are be more than welcome to come and help out. We […]
  • via derrideb on flickr Related posts:Broken Bicycle Bricks and Bike Flowered Blur Related posts: Broken Bicycle Bricks and Bike Flowered Blur
  • By the spring of 2009 I had given up my car and believed that it was simply going to take me 2 hours, each way, to get to work and back by transit. To me, there was no other way. When I purchased a Marin Hamilton 29er I thought I’d found a simple, sturdy bike […] Related posts: Happy New Year 2010 Commuter Bicycle Review: Marin Hamilton 29er By Bike or Bus: My North Toronto Commute
  • The headline in my email from BoingBoing doesn’t mention the involvement of a cyclist, but somehow I knew the story would… ..sure enough… Colorado DA drops felony hit-and-run charges against billion-dollar financier because of “serious job implications” Cory Doctorow at 3:20 AM Monday, Nov 8, 2010 Colorado District Attorney Mark Hurlbert has dropped felony charges […] No related posts.
  • via Xander N’Dante on flickr Related posts:Boots March is Melting Cross-Legged? Related posts: Boots March is Melting Cross-Legged?
  • Here’s a fun rundown of everything going on over the next 7 days! Check out our @BikeTOevents account on twitter! Tues, Nov. 9 BikeSauce Winter Cycling Seminar Wed, Nov. 10 TBN’s Wednesday Wheelie Ride Know of other events going on this week? Share them with BikingToronto readers in the Comments below. Click here to punch […] Related posts: Cycling Events This Week: Oct. 25 – Nov. 1 Cycling Events This Week: Nov. 1 – 7 Cycling Events This Week: Oct 4 – 10
  • Related posts:Covet: SHIFTY Cycling Clothes That Don’t Look Like Cycling Clothes Related posts: Covet: SHIFTY Cycling Clothes That Don’t Look Like Cycling Clothes
  • Duncan blogs about Suzanne Carlsen, who makes and sells some seriously good looking bike accessories on Poka Cycle Accessories: Suzanne Carlsen wants your bicycle to be very “interesting.” To help you achieve this task she’s hand making chainguards, headbadges and some cycling-friendly bags. Read the full post on Duncan’s City Ride. Related posts:On The Blogs: […] Related posts: On The Blogs: Four Women’s Cycling Jackets On The Blogs: Cycle Halifax Commercials On The Blogs: Bike Commuter…
  • On October 25th, we the people of the City of Toronto elected a new Mayor and a new City Council. Much has been said here, and at BikingToronto generally, about Mayor Elect Rob Ford’s position on bicycling infrastructure. While the Office of the Mayor has a lot of power, the real power, to set the agenda […] Related posts: Paul said, I need a non-arterial cycling route from Dufferin and Bloor into the Core Transit City hangs in the balance as opportunist candidates dither and dodge at the precipice…
  • Yesterday, local bike shop ZM Cycle & Fitness hosted the national cyclocross race in Cedarvale Park in Toronto. The best cyclocross racers across Canada participated in the most grueling sport of mud, dirt and hills. I took some photos and video but here’s a sneak peak of what to expect: No related posts. No related posts.
  • Duncan posts about the newly painted sharrows that are now filling the Harbord “bikelane gap”. He makes the very good point that Harbord is one of the busiest bikelanes in the city, and the bikelane could have been completed but wasn’t due to the cause of saving a few car parking spaces: Ignoring the fact […] Related posts: On The Blogs: New Sharrows on Bloor Street On The Blogs: Two-Way Sharrows on Mcdonell On The Blogs: Sharrows on Spadina?
  • Over on the Cyclops blog, there’s a nice little post about the art that is being inspired by noted bikelane “hesitant” (I’d say opponent, but he’s admitted that bikelanes are appropriate in places like downtown, where lots of people bike) mayor-elect Rob Ford: Say what you will about Rob Ford, but you’ve gotta give him […] Related posts: Weekly Wrap-Up: Dealing with Mayor Rob Ford Weekly Wrap-Up: Bike Art and Rob Ford Rob Ford releases “Transportation Plan”
  • via Gabi on flickr Related posts:Sleek Black on Red Retro The Pursuit of Cool Red Dress Related posts: Sleek Black on Red Retro The Pursuit of Cool Red Dress

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