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INFRASTRUCTURE: Great new brickwork on Queens Quay multi-use path


Awesome looking brick patterns on part of the Martin-Goodman trail alongside Queens Quay as the multi-year reconstruction nears completion! Great new stonework installed on Toronto's section of the … [Read more...]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike trail plans for 3 Scarborough waterfront parks shelved


This is on PUBLIC land.  Who cares what the stupid self-entitled rich people who live nearby think?  Just BUILD it.  The last paragraph is the worst.   Scarborough is a no-go for cyclists and will be … [Read more...]

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New Events – SPIN, Waterfront Tour, and Lakeshore Safe Routes to School


We've just added some new events to the Events Calendar, and I thought we'd post about them for you: Tues, Feb. 8 - Lakeshore Planning Council Safe Routes to School We are meeting to prepare our … [Read more...]

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