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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike trail plans for 3 Scarborough waterfront parks shelved


This is on PUBLIC land.  Who cares what the stupid self-entitled rich people who live nearby think?  Just BUILD it.  The last paragraph is the worst.   Scarborough is a no-go for cyclists and will be until this is fixed.  The Waterfront Trail exists from Niagara all the way to Quebec… except for this part.

Residents who objected and Scarborough councillors who agreed with them have won a fight to keep bike paths out of three waterfront parks.

The City of Toronto planned to build the paths last year to fill in gaps in its Waterfront Trail that forced cyclists to move along an often-busy Kingston Road.

Ratepayers near the upper section of Bluffers Park, however, said a hard-surface trail would damage the space they called Chine Meadow. Their resistance to the “bikeway implementation plan” prompted a motion by Scarborough Southwest Councillor Gary Crawford, passed in July, removing the Bluffers path from the plan until a “proper dialogue” with residents took place.

“We’ve done consultation with the community. Based on that, we’ve decided not to proceed with the projects at this time,” Dan Egan, city manager of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, said Wednesday.

Read More: Bike trail plans for three Scarborough waterfront parks shelved.

photo: Inside Toronto

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New Events – SPIN, Waterfront Tour, and Lakeshore Safe Routes to School

We’ve just added some new events to the Events Calendar, and I thought we’d post about them for you:

Tues, Feb. 8 – Lakeshore Planning Council Safe Routes to School

We are meeting to prepare our presentation for the John English P.S. Parents Committee. This is an opportunity to get a safe routes program into the public school system.

The meeting is open to anyone wishing to advocate for safe bike riding to schools or anyone interested in cycling issues in Ward 6.

Mar. 15-27 – SPIN, by Evalyn Parry

Through a series of songs played live on a vintage bicycle, SPIN recounts a theatrical cycle of stories about bikes, women and liberation. Inspired by the incredible true tale of Annie Londonderry, the first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle in 1894.  SPIN blends theatre, music and technology in a unique tribute to the bicycle as muse, musical instrument and agent of social change.

July 2-9 – The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure

A fully supported recreational bike ride on Ontario’s Waterfront Trail. Visit all 41 communities connected together by the 730 Waterfront Trail stretching along the Canadian Shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Ride though wetlands, white pine forest stands, fields, meadows and vibrant cities and quaint heritage towns. Tour carries luggage from town to town while you ride. Communities warmly welcome participants at rest stops and overnight stays. This is not a fundraiser but there is a registration fee to cover operational costs.

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