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EVENT: Fri, June19 – Waterfront Toronto launching new Queens Quay section of Martin-Goodman Trail

Toronto’s revitalized waterfront boulevard is just about ready to be unveiled. And, after three years of construction, road closures and patience, Waterfront Toronto plans to open the new Queens Quay … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Great new brickwork on Queens Quay multi-use path

Awesome looking brick patterns on part of the Martin-Goodman trail alongside Queens Quay as the multi-year reconstruction nears completion! Great new stonework installed on Toronto's section of the … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike trail plans for 3 Scarborough waterfront parks shelved

This is on PUBLIC land.  Who cares what the stupid self-entitled rich people who live nearby think?  Just BUILD it.  The last paragraph is the worst.   Scarborough is a no-go for cyclists and will be … [Read more...]

New Events – SPIN, Waterfront Tour, and Lakeshore Safe Routes to School

We've just added some new events to the Events Calendar, and I thought we'd post about them for you: Tues, Feb. 8 - Lakeshore Planning Council Safe Routes to School We are meeting to prepare our … [Read more...]