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INFRASTRUCTURE: New Contraflow Bikelane on Florence St.


Having fun watching cyclists discover the freshly installed bike lane on Florence St. In just a couple minutes since I arrived, over a dozen eastbound cyclists who yesterday were going the wrong … [Read more...]

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EVENT: Thurs, June 11 – The Bicycle Polka Ride


It's back! Hosted by Cycle Toronto's Ward 14 and Ward 18 groups, the Polka ride has polka dots, polka music and polka food!   Click here for the event listing on the BikeMonth Calendar. … [Read more...]

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EVENT: Tues, Apr 7 – Ward 18 Meeting

  Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm Caldense Bakery & Pastry (335 Symington Ave) We'll be talking about Bloor St. Pilot Project updates, Bike month events and more! Join … [Read more...]

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EVENTS: Tues, Mar. 3 – Ward 18 Meeting


Our monthly Ward 18 meeting! We'll discuss updates on bike advocacy in and around our ward. Plus let's nail down some of our 2015 outreach events and get the ball rolling on planning for … [Read more...]

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NEWS: Ward 18’s Ana Bailao lying about supporting bikes?

I guess it means something that politicians are now blatantly lying to try and garner votes from cyclists. Before reading article linked below, I'll quote this article from 2012, after Bailao voted … [Read more...]

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HOW TO: How to run a Ward Group – A glimpse at Ward 18


Just a quick shout-out to Ward 18 in the city's west end.  They've released the minutes from their latest meeting and there are some things in there other groups (or wannabe groups) can … [Read more...]

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Photos: West End Community Garden Ride


On June 6th we held our first Bike Month event, the West End Community Garden Ride. We lucked out with great weather and had a lovely bunch of cyclists join us. Here is a recap of our ride in photo … [Read more...]

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EVENT: TONIGHT (NEW DATE!) – The Bicycle Polka Ride


The first annual Polka Ride – cycle the streets of west Toronto while listening to polka-inspired music. Meet at 7:15pm at Dufferin Grove Park on the east side of the rink. The ride will end at a pub … [Read more...]

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PHOTOS: Ward 18’s Portugese Custard Tart Ride


 Ward 18 has cool events.  Last weekend was their 2nd annual Portugese Custard Tart Ride.  This post has a bunch of photos, and check out the home page of their Tumblr for more!  You can also connect … [Read more...]

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EVENTS: Ward 18 – Bike Month Activities!

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 3.29.22 PM

Via CycleToronto: Hi everyone, Happy Bike Month! Here are the links for our four Ward 18 Bike Month activities -- feel free to share them with your networks: June 6 - Community Garden Ride (with … [Read more...]

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