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WATCH: Harrowsmith Now interviews Yvonne Bambrick of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

Check out the new video by Harrowsmith Now (formerly Harrowsmith Country Life) with Yvonne Bambrick. Yvonne talks about how she grew up with bikes, got involved with making Toronto bike-friendlier, … [Read more...]

WATCH: Thousands of cyclists biked to City Hall this morning!

Above is a wonderful time-lapse video from GreaterGoods (one of my favourite Toronto businesses - they bike-deliver healthy household products to your house!) of the Group Commute on Yonge Street this … [Read more...]

VIDEO: What’s it like to ride Bloor Street without bike lanes?

Metro Morning's Matt Galloway decided to document what it was like riding Bloor St. without bikelanes, in advance of the City Council vote about a bike lane pilot: What does it look like to ride a … [Read more...]

VIDEO: A DIY repair shop created by students for students

A great video introduction to U of T's BikeChain from Global News (except there's an ad that runs before it): ‘Bikechain’ was created in 2005 as a student project serving the University of … [Read more...]

THEFT: Toronto boy, 5, makes heartbreaking posters in search of stolen bike

Good luck River!  Everyone is rooting for you finding your bike! With his younger brother and father, Greg, in tow, River was in his glory as he pedaled. “This was his first time taking it out,” … [Read more...]

NEWS: Saks blinks on removing Richmond bikelane

An update from this crazy story from a couple days ago... Saks, when contacted by Toronto news outfits about their plans to move the super successful Richmond bikelane to have valet parking for … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Why We Bike in the City

Wonderful video by Pier of GreaterGoods.ca... not only about the Coldest Day of the Year Ride, but about why people ride bicycles.  Great job Pier! Pier from GreaterGoods.ca joins hundreds of … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Toronto cyclists kick off cold weather bike ride

UPDATE: Watch it on the CityNews site to avoid all the crappy ads. City News filmed some good video of Cycle Toronto's Coldest Day of the Year Ride.  Spoiler: it wasn't very cold yesterday. With … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Laugh out loud at bike lane opponents

This is hilarious.  I haven't watched the Late Late Show, but I think I'm gonna start.  Via Momentum Magazine. In a recent video clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden, Corden draws attention … [Read more...]

VIDEO: How to Add Bike Lanes and Help Car Traffic

As bike lanes get added to streets around the US one common concern keeps arising: how will this affect congestion? Narrowing roadways by including bike lanes seems like it would clearly increase car … [Read more...]