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NEWS: 4 of 5 Mayoral candidates support bike lanes on University Ave.

This is a Toronto Sun article, so if you decide to click through, don't read the comments if you want to have any faith in humanity. Bike lanes on University Ave. could ride into reality if any of … [Read more...]

The News Cycle for Friday, Feb. 10, 2012

Rush hour parking hogs to face $150 fine [The Star] Motorists should be dinged $150 for parking on busy streets in rush hour, or blocking a bicycle lane any time, city council decided. The city must … [Read more...]

City Council Votes “No” to University Avenue Bikelanes

Bad news from City Council today... coming after the good news of BIXI Toronto getting the go-ahead yesterday. The vote was apparently tied... 13-13.  What happened to the other half of … [Read more...]