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FACEPALM:  GO Transit apologizes for mentioning bikes and wineries together

Today, the double standard is in full effect. Go Transit was criticized online (surprise!) for suggesting that people can take their bikes to Niagara on the train, and then enjoy visiting … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! GO launches 2015 biketrain service to Niagara

All aboard the BikeTrain! The idea is to make it easy to escape the city or to get downtown to enjoy Toronto’s summer weekend events, including this year’s Pan Am Games. Niagara weekend service … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Is Canada missing the boat on cycling tourists?

Quebec is internationally recognized for its extensive 5,000-km cycling network, La Route Verte, which criss-crosses most parts of the province, making it North America's longest bike path.  But in … [Read more...]

TOURISM: Sightseeing by pedal power: Toronto (doesn’t) tout cycle tourism options

This article is basically an ad for Toronto Bicycle Tours... but more interesting is that it is NOT about Toronto touting cycle tourism options but that we are failing... that cycle tourism is big … [Read more...]

In The News: June 29, 2010

We're thinking about starting up sharing news links again. Here are some recent news articles involving bikes: Vitess offers luxury bikes – at a price - thestar.com Unlike other bike … [Read more...]