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Sweet Ride 2012: Cupcake Edition!

We are so happy to present the first Sweet Ride of 2012! This ride is Cupcake themed and will happen on Sun, April 22 at 1 pm (which by the way is Earth Day)! (Note: the photo above is from our April Sweet Ride of 2011. Look how happy we all are! You don’t want to miss this!)

Everyone is welcome – so please tell all your friends!

This would be a perfect setting to bring along that friend who wants to ride in the city but is a bit intimidated. We don’t ride too fast and being sandwiched between experienced riders will help that person feel safer. Strength in numbers, right?

Here are the details!

When: 1pm
Where: Flour Studio, 883 Eglinton Ave. West

Where: Bobbette & Belle, 1121 Queen Street East
BlogTO Review of Bobbette and Belle

ROUTE: We have an amazing route planned that takes us on the Beltline, through Mt. Pleasant Cemetary, zooming down the Moore Park Ravine (be sure and make sure your brakes work!!!) to the Don Valley Brickworks and then down the Lower Don Valley and the Martin-Goodman Trail to Leslieville!

RSVP on Facebook to keep up with any communication we might have for the upcoming ride, or keep on visiting our blogs to keep up to date on all things Sweet Ride.

click on the map to view it larger!

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2012 Cupcake Ride Season Opener!!

Just in case you haven’t heard, the first Girls Cupcake Ride of 2012 is this Saturday!

Remember, this ride is for Girls Only.  If you’re a guy (or a girl who can’t make it this Saturday) Hyedie and I are planning a Co-ed Sweet Ride for Sunday, April 22nd.  There will be cupcakes (and lots of other fine baked goods) available. We should be announcing details very soon, so stay tuned.

Here are Hyedie‘s words to give you the details about the Girls ride this Saturday:

Our first ride will be fairly short (approximately 9km) so that we can ease into the season. Plus we ride at an easy pace (average 15kms/hr).

I’m so excited to start the 3rd season of the Cupcake Ride! Hope you can make it out!

Date: Saturday, April 7
Time: 1pm

START:Prairie Girl Bakery
Unit 106, 18 King Street East (facing Victoria Street)

- head east on King St to Sherbourne
- left at Sherbourne and Lake Shore Boulevard trails all the way to Coxwell Ave
- down Coxwell to the MGT/Waterfront trail through the Beach
- up Silver Birch Ave to Queen St. East
- Queen St. East to….

END:Life is Sweet
2328 Queen Street East

Paul from Prairie Girl Bakery anticipates a busy Saturday and suggests pre-ordering our cupcakes. Would you gals be interested in doing that? If so I can organize a group order! Let me know in the comments!

• For those of you who will transit to our start point, the closest subway station is King station.

• Sorry gents! This ride is for girls only!

• My ride rules on the Facebook page vanished – I’ll publish them here shortly.

• You can RSVP at the Facebook event page!



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2012 Sweet Ride and Cupcake Ride Schedule

We’re gearing up for the 2012 Sweet Ride and Cupcake Ride season and Joe and I thought we’d be proactive this year and set dates for the whole season before hand.

While this is a tentative schedule, we’re hoping that nothing will come up and we can stick to the dates below. We’ll be setting up Facebook events for each ride, just like last year, closer to the each of the dates.

Hopefully you can pencil in some of these dates and we can see you out on a ride this year!

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, April 7

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Sunday, April 22 <- Earth Day!

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, May 26

June (bike month!)
Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Sunday, June 10

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Saturday, June 23

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, July 21

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Saturday, August 18

Cupcake Ride (Women Only)
Saturday, September 22

Sweet Ride (Co-ed)
Saturday, October 13

* Dates are not final and may change!

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More Photos from the Sweet Ride: Pie Edition

We posted some of Hyedie’s great photos from the Pie Ride yesterday (and Dandyhorse did a post about it too!), and I thought I’d share some photos I took too.

I was leading the ride through a unique route through industrial, residential, rich and poor neighbourhoods, through pedestrianized streets and car-free bridges… and didn’t get any photos of the ride (thankfully Hyedie did), but snapped a lot at each pie place!

We started out at Madeleine’s Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Shop.  It looks small from the front, but the back opens up in a large dining area and what I’m told is the very nicest patio anywhere in the neighbourhood:

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Here we are relaxing on the patio… it was so nice, it took a while for us to get on our bikes.

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Here is Hyedie, Rachel and Kyla, owner of Madeleine’s!

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

We finally got going on an interesting ride (again, check Hyedie’s great photos for some ride pics) and ended up at the Canadian Pie Company near Queen & Broadview. They have sweet AND savoury pies here, and if you’re gonna go… go HUNGRY. They PACK those pies with filling.

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

Sweet Ride: Pie Edition - Aug. 13, 2011

This was our 3rd Sweet Ride of 2011… and we’re starting to talk about a *warmer* themed one for early November. Stay tuned!

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Photos and Re-Cap from the Sweet Ride: Pie Edition

Over on her Cupcake Ride blog, Hyedie has posted a great re-cap of the Pie Ride we had this past Saturday.

Here are a few photos from her Flickr set from the ride (and I’ll be posting some later today or tomorrow as well), but be sure and read her full post here.

The awesome Pie Ride Group outside Madeleine's Cherry Pie and Ice Cream shop.

Alex, Rachel and Ian hanging on Madeleine's lovely back patio

Learning a bit of history while crossing the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge between Rosedale and St. Jamestown

The Two Rachels at the end of the ride at the Canadian Pie Company

I can't say no to Blueberry Pie! :)

Lora's Peach Pie (look at all that fruit!)


There are way more photos in Hyedie‘s flickr set.  Check them out.



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