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STUFF: Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger

Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger

The Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger is a spring-loaded accessory that lets you keep your bag within reach while you ride. Read More: Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger Read More: Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger – Momentum Mag

STUFF: Bookman Cup Holder

This Swedish Bike Cup Holder made me look: Open the spring by pressing the rings together, place it on the handlebar and let go. The cup holder clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes. via Cupcake Ride, via swissmiss | Bookman Cup Holder.

STUFF: Bike Camera films everything


When drivers hit someone on a bike, they tend to have a common excuse: They didn’t see the cyclist. And it’s usually pretty impossible to prove fault, even though around 50,000 cyclists are injured by cars each year and end up in emergency rooms, and several hundred more are killed. Now, though, cheap cameras could […]

Cardboard bike that will retail for $20 ready to be put in production

Cardboard bike that will retail for $20 ready to be put in production

  BikingToronto highlighted this cool invention last week, and the Star is picking up on it now.  It’s a very neat story, so we don’t mind highlighting it again. Are you ready to ride the cardboard bike? Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni has created a functioning cardboard bicycle that he hopes to put into mass production […]

Deal: 4 LED Valve Stem Lights for just 10 Bucks

$10 for 4 Motion Activated LED Valve Stem Lights ($40 Value)

It’s not often that something cool AND bike-related shows up on one of those Groupon-like deal sites, but “TeamBuy” has a very cool one going on now, so I wanted to share because 1) these valve stem lights look very cool, 2) the more lighting we all have on our bike, the better, and 3) […]

The News Cycle for Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dept. of Want: Bike Chic

 Watch For Bikes Initiative [The Urban Country] In lieu of proper bike infrastructure, how can drivers and cyclists better co-exist on our streets? This is a question that is pondered frequently on this website and was the basis for our ‘i share the road’ campaign. An annual initiative called “Watch For Bikes” also attempts to address this […]

On The Blogs: Stylish Bike Seat Covers

Toronto-made Seat Covers by The Gild

Duncan highlights some very nice bike seat colours, via the Deadly Nightshades: Customize your bicycle with an amazing, durable, one-o-a-kind seat cover from THE GILD. Locally produced using recycled materials and love. Each cover includes a removable foam insert for comfortable riding, while a shaped overhang, elastic cording and toggle at the base ensures a […]