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BIKE SHOPS: New Toronto neighbourhood gets its first bike shop

A new bike shop in the "Canary District" - where the PanAm Athletes Village is/was in the West Don Lands: This bike shop has been around since 1988 when it started as a little shack on the Lake … [Read more...]

STUFF: Gesture-controlled bike signals

I applaud the creativity in having a signal light linked to hand gestures. If people in cars start paying attention to the road instead of texting enough to see a small light at the back of a bike, … [Read more...]

BOO! Top 20 Halloween Costumes for Cyclists

  Halloween is upon us once more. Pumpkins are being carved, fake cobwebs are being strung, and for cyclists all over the country bikes are being transformed into vehicles of pure … [Read more...]

STUFF: Where to get your bike custom painted in Toronto

Noah Rosen has been painting bikes for over a decade, but to describe precisely what he does in those pragmatic terms would be to ignore that he's fundamentally an artist. His company Velocolour … [Read more...]

SHOP: New “Parkdale Bicycle Shop” Opens

Parkdale Bicycle Shop is now open and ready to meet the needs of west-end cyclists.George Dorjee opened the doors to Parkdale Bicycle Shop early February 2015 to combine his love of cycling with his … [Read more...]

STUFF: 6 Cool Bike Lights For Summer Night Riding

Some cool lighting options, from Momentum: Super sleek aluminum shape houses a power 3w LED. USB-rechargeable lithium battery. Output up to 330 lumens. More: 6 Cool Bike Lights For Summer Night … [Read more...]

BOOK REVIEW: The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

If you haven't picked up Yvonne Bambrick's new book "The Urban Cycling Survival Guide: Need to know skills & strategies for biking in the city", then you need to. Here's why: 1) It looks … [Read more...]

SHOP: Brand new bike shop a shrine for serious cyclists

Well, the headline is a little stupid... it should read "...shrine for roadie cyclists", as "serious" doesn't only apply to those willing to drop thousands of dollars on a bike. It applies equally … [Read more...]

STUFF: Bike Helmets for Your Toddler

Bicycle helmets for your toddler now come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fun designs.   Read More: Bike Helmets for Your Toddler … [Read more...]

SHOP: Greater Goods – Green, Delivered by Bike

Great new service here in Toronto - Greater Goods.  Environmental products, delivered by bike. They are delivering using the cool Trio Cargobike - I don't know if they are available in Toronto, but … [Read more...]

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