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HELP: Do you know these alleged bike thieves?


The above is showing up on facebook tonight - a shot of two alleged bike thieves taking a bike off of a porch in Leslieville.  Let the poster know via the original post if you know anything. Please … [Read more...]

STUFF: Joyride tracking device to help Toronto cyclists find stolen bikes

Bike thieves beware. Toronto cyclists might not have to worry about losing their rides anymore thanks to a new bike tracking device being developed in the city. Dubbed Joyride, the product … [Read more...]

STOLEN: Bike that crossed Canada stolen outside Toronto bar

She’s a sturdy bike, built to carry heavy panniers and a passenger through the Rockies, across the plains and over the roughest terrain of the Canadian Shield. “I didn’t want anything delicate,” … [Read more...]

SHAME: Bike thief spotted near Bloor and Bathurst

Potential bike thief spotted in the Bloor and Bathurst area. Bike-riders, watch out for this guy. He was spotted trying to steal a bike in front of CSI Annex. via emma woolley on Twitter … [Read more...]

New on the Toronto Stolen Bike Listing

People post pleas for their stolen bikes all over the place… facebook, twitter, craigslist… probably other places. BikingToronto is testing out a few different systems and techniques that will try … [Read more...]

NEWS: Brookfield’s bike-cutting excuse is bunk: property law expert

Thanks to the Star, we now know the answer of whether or not it's legal to steal bikes that are legally locked up on public property, even if you own "adjacent property".  The Star asked a property … [Read more...]

New on the Toronto Stolen Bike Listing

Lock Bicycle to Post - by Henry VanderSpek

People stealing bikes is a problem everywhere.  Toronto is no exception. People post pleas for their stolen bikes all over the place… facebook, twitter, craigslist… probably other … [Read more...]

NEWS: Brookfield Properties defends stealing bikes at HBC Centre

Brookfield Properties offers a piss poor excuse for stealing bikes parked legally on public property, citing "adjacent property rights". I'm not a real estate lawyer, but if there is one out there … [Read more...]

NEWS: Had your bike stolen from Yonge & Bloor? The thief may be Brookfield Properties.

This is getting crazier and crazier.  How long has Brookfield Properties been doing this?  How many people have lost their bikes after parking them legally and on public property? Brookfield has just … [Read more...]

NEWS: Stolen bike listing touted for Toronto

The Star has picked this up.  It's still a fairly young idea, but maybe with a bit of effort we can truly harness the web and social media to put a big dent in bike thefts.  Or, at least, help recover … [Read more...]

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