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OH YEAH! Woman sees photo of her bike being stolen, then watches thief get arrested

Great coincidence, plus justice! A Toronto PhD student was despondent after having her bike stolen, but then saw a photo online allegedly showing a suit-wearing thief in the middle of nabbing her … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Stolen bike returned to its owner, thanks to Bunz

Bunz can apparently do everything.  Even recover stolen bikes! Christy Dukitsch was hustling to make it to a concert after work when she spotted it: a blue street bike with lilac-coloured handlebars … [Read more...]

BIKE THEFT: What are the worst streets for locking up your bike in Toronto?

Interesting piece in the Star today about the streets where your bike is more likely to get stolen.  Biking Toronto is quoted, but it's a really old quote... I gave that quote to the Star years and … [Read more...]

THEFT: Toronto boy, 5, makes heartbreaking posters in search of stolen bike

Good luck River!  Everyone is rooting for you finding your bike! With his younger brother and father, Greg, in tow, River was in his glory as he pedaled. “This was his first time taking it out,” … [Read more...]

STOLEN BIKES: Toronto woman blames condo for 4 bike thefts

The building’s management says it’s against the rules for tenants to bring a bicycle inside their unit. She complained to management, but they insist that she use the outdoor bike racks or … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bike theft caught on video (including photo of thief)

A bike theft on the Railpath was caught on video yesterday.  Photo of the thief is above - full video below. Watch a bike thief in action on the Toronto Railpath at about 12:15pm on July 22, 2015! My … [Read more...]

HELP: Do you know these alleged bike thieves?

The above is showing up on facebook tonight - a shot of two alleged bike thieves taking a bike off of a porch in Leslieville.  Let the poster know via the original post if you know anything. Please … [Read more...]

STUFF: Joyride tracking device to help Toronto cyclists find stolen bikes

Bike thieves beware. Toronto cyclists might not have to worry about losing their rides anymore thanks to a new bike tracking device being developed in the city. Dubbed Joyride, the product … [Read more...]

STOLEN: Bike that crossed Canada stolen outside Toronto bar

She’s a sturdy bike, built to carry heavy panniers and a passenger through the Rockies, across the plains and over the roughest terrain of the Canadian Shield. “I didn’t want anything delicate,” … [Read more...]

SHAME: Bike thief spotted near Bloor and Bathurst

Potential bike thief spotted in the Bloor and Bathurst area. Bike-riders, watch out for this guy. He was spotted trying to steal a bike in front of CSI Annex. via emma woolley on Twitter … [Read more...]

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