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Stolen bikes for sale online get Toronto man arrested


We picked up on this story via the Sun yesterday, but don’t mind highlighting a Star article about it as well.

They had just finished shopping for Halloween costumes on the Danforth Friday night when two teenaged girls discovered their bikes had been stolen.

Less than 48 hours later, the bicycles were returned to their rightful owners and a Toronto man was charged with possession of stolen property after some cyber sleuthing and the work of one undercover cop.

Police were called Friday night after the two bikes, belonging to twin girls, were stolen from the Danforth area. As has become practice, police told the family to begin checking online to see if their bikes were already being resold.

“We tell all people to keep an eye on eBay, kijiji, Craigslist,” said Det. Robert Whelan, head of the major crimes unit at Toronto Police 55 division. A growing number of sales of stolen property are taking place online, he said.

Read the full post: “Stolen bikes for sale online get Toronto man arrested” on the Toronto Star.

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The News Cycle for Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011

Dead cyclist Jenna Morrison was a yoga teacher, dancer, mom

A heartbreaking profile of the cyclist tragically killed at Dundas West and Sterling Rd. on Monday.

Bike Union Launching Register/Report/Check Campaign [Bike Union]

“To combat bike theft, we’re launching the REGISTER/REPORT/CHECK campaign!  The solution to reducing bike theft is to collapse the market for stolen bikes, making it harder for thieves to re-sell stolen bikes, and easier for the police to return stolen bikes to their owners.”

Four bad ideas for bikes [Spacing]

Spacing looks at four bad ideas regarding bikes in Toronto: Create bike-free streets, Make cyclists pay for roads, Licensing cyclists, Make it illegal to park anywhere but official bike parking.

 [photo from the Star]

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Igor Kenk Attends the Kenk Graphic Novel Launch

kenk face lrg1

Is Igor Kenk the most interesting bike-related person in Toronto?

After being busted for organizing the theft of thousands of bicycles as well as on assault charges, showing up to re-claim some of “his” bicycles that were being given to charity, Kenk showed up last night at the release party for the graphic novel of his story.

And… oh my god (!) he has his own blog at IgorKenk.com!

[photo from NowToronto]

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Kenk: The Graphic Novel is Here

kenk-coverA couple years ago, Toronto police busted Igor Kenk of the Bike Clinic for knowingly purchasing stolen bikes from bike thieves.  Far from finding a few stolen bikes in his bike shop, police found thousands of them, scattered around the city in rented garages.

It was a story that made international news, and it is now in graphic novel form.

This week, Toronto writer Richard Poplak and Alex Jansen of the production and publishing company Pop Sandbox are releasing an unusual treatment of Kenk’s story. Kenk: A Graphic Portrait is a journalistic graphic novel based on photos and footage of Kenk taken in the year before his arrest.

Poplak, who wrote about Kenk for Toronto Life magazine before being recruited by Jansen to create a graphic novel, said there was something “obsessive compulsive” about Kenk’s behaviour.

“He was much, much bigger than life. He was a comic book character,” Poplak told CBC Radio’s Q cultural affairs show on Tuesday.

- CBC news


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