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NEWS: Police investigating after taxi runs bike courier off the road

Who's really surprised at this?  Cab drivers are horrible drivers, and don't give a crap about the safety of other people on the road.  They only care about more fares.  Having said this, some bike … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclist in his 50s dead after being struck by vehicle in Oakville

Second story like this tonight... A cyclist in his fifties is dead after being struck by a vehicle in Oakville, Halton police say. Police say they received multiple calls about a cyclist struck … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclist with life-threatening head injury after crash in Brampton

While there are tons of cyclists in downtown Toronto, and that's where all the bike lanes are, where lanes are *really* needed are out in the suburbs, where roads are laid out like the photo above … [Read more...]

DUH: Ontario’s one-metre passing rule for cyclists not being enforced

Who's surprised at the news that the 1 metre passing rule is not being enforced?  I'd be surprised if more than 1% of drivers are even aware of it. Really, it's something that can't be enforced as … [Read more...]

OPINION: Do we need a conversation about phones and cycling?

Weird piece in Spacing today.  I usually like John Lorinc's opinion pieces, but this one seems very click-baity. The whole piece is based on him thinking he's seeing more people texting while … [Read more...]

NEWS: Male cyclist struck by vehicle at Jane and Shoreham, in life-threatening condition

Serious collision up by York University.  I've tried biking up there, and sidewalks are the only option (when clear - always give the right-of-way to pedestrians) on streets like Jane where cars are … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: It’s time to rise above road rage, Toronto

Great piece in the Star about how Toronto wants to be "World Class" but is unwilling to make itself safe for people, basically. As Toronto is attempting to position itself as a progressive, global … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto cyclist accidents highlight need for new measures in road safety

Physically separated bike lanes, protected intersections and dedicated rights-of-way for streetcars could help prevent injuries on tracks, the study suggests. “I hope it will help to identify … [Read more...]

NEWS: Streetcar tracks major cause of serious downtown cycling crashes, new study finds

The study, by researchers at Ryerson University and the University of British Columbia, found that about a third of all serious bike crashes that took place in downtown Toronto were caused when … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclist struck by police cruiser in Scarborough

A cyclist is in hospital with serious head and upper body injuries after a collision involving a police cruiser in Scarborough. The collision happened after midnight along Kennedy Road near … [Read more...]

The Toronto Carnage blog collects news stories about the destruction wrought by cars on our city:

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