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OH YEAH! City Council approves extension of Richmond & Adelaide Cycle Tracks to Parliament


Awesome!  City Council has just approved the extension of the Richmond and Adelaide Cycle Tracks (also known as physically separate bikelanes) all the way over to Parliament. This makes so much … [Read more...]

NEWS: Downtown Toronto to get more separated bike lanes

New bike lanes on Richmond, Adelaide and Simcoe Streets.

A recommendation to extend separated bike lanes on downtown Richmond and Adelaide Sts. breezed through Toronto’s public works committee.Councillors gave a unanimous green light to the city staff … [Read more...]

NEWS: New Adelaide & Richmond bike lanes are speeding up travel times for cars (and bike traffic is skyrocketing)!


It's not really emphasized in the city reports, but not only are the new separated bikelanes on Adelaide, Richmond and Simcoe not "impeding" car traffic, it's actually making it faster. Someone … [Read more...]

NEWS: Richmond, Adelaide bike lanes see tripling of cyclist traffic


The overall cycling volume on Richmond, Adelaide and Simcoe Streets has tripled since bike lanes were installed last year, while vehicle traffic appears to be moving at the same speed, city statistics … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Bike Traffic TRIPLES on Richmond and Adelaide


Great (and unsurprising) news:  cycling traffic has tripled on Richmond and Adelaide during the cycle track pilot.  Car traffic has barely been affected, and a majority of road users love the cycle … [Read more...]

NEWS: Richmond and Adelaide cycle tracks to get major extension

Well, BlogTO is all about linkbaity headlines today, I guess.  The BlogTO article (linked below) is headlined "Downtown bike lane network to get major upgrade", which bring up visions of all bikelanes … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Tracks may be extended to Parliament Street

Great news... a proposal to extend the Richmond and Adelaide Cycle Tracks east to Parliament. In 2014, the City installed cycle tracks separated bike lanes on Richmond St., Adelaide St. and Simcoe … [Read more...]

NEWS: Richmond bike lane dismantled with film office OK

More in the press about this. A block-long section of the separated bike lane between Duncan and John Streets was dismantled Tuesday evening, allowing Bell Media vehicles to park on the north side of … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto allows Bell to use bike lane as parking lot

Gah. Some infuriating quotes in this article. While Cressy said Bell Media was never allowed to park there in the first place, the city department that granted the permit disagrees with him. “Yup, … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The Richmond Cycle Track removed in favour of film shoot

Update: Joe Cressy (the councillor for this area, Ward 20) just tweeted this: My office has expressed closing cycle tracks and bike lanes for parking is a no go - staff have advised cycle track will … [Read more...]