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INFRASTRUCTURE: Richmond and Adelaide being prepped for new bikelanes

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Richmond and Adelaide are coming!  I’m gonna make some special trips down there to be able to ride them.

Curb lanes on Richmond and Adelaide have been ground down, in preparation for new asphalt we are putting down for the Cycle Tracks.

via City of Toronto Cycling Facebook Page.

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Richmond West starts getting a contra-flow bikelane

The first part of the Richmond bikelane (which is supposed to be physically separated between York and Bathurst with flex-bollards) has been put in… but just in the section to the west of that stretch, between Bathurst and Niagara.

The Richmond W yellow bike lane has been painted between Bathurst and Niagara

via Twitter / TO_Cycling: The Richmond W yellow bike ….

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NEWS: Public Works approves pilot separated bikelanes on Richmond and Adelaide


If you like the political gobbledygood of City Council documents, you’ll love this one… which is the approval by the Public Works Committee of  a pilot installation of separated bikelanes on Richmond and Adelaide this summer!  The decision goes to City Council in June.

City Council approve the installation of a westbound cycle track on the north side of Richmond Street West, from York Street to Bathurst Street, and an eastbound cycle track on the south side of Adelaide Street West, from Bathurst Street to Simcoe Street, as a pilot project until the completion of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study, as outlined in Appendix 10 – Amendments to Bicycle Lane and Cycle Track Designations, attached to the report (April 22, 2014) from the General Manager, Transportation Services.

Read More: Agenda Item History – 2014.PW31.7.

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NEWS: Let Public Works know you support Harbord and Richmond/Adelaide bikelanes


Via CycleToronto:

You can send your emails to pwic@toronto.ca and mention the item number in the subject line of your email. Richmond/Adelaide has gotten a lot of notice but so far very few people have sent in their wishes for an improved Harbord. We don’t know how much resistance there will be about taking away parking on Harbord so the more support the better!

  • Harbord agenda item PW31.6
  • Richmond/Adelaide agenda item PW31.7 

Regarding Harbord and Hoskin:

- the staff are proposing to provide separation on Hoskin but not on Harbord because of its narrower width. Please ask the City to lower the speed limit if we can’t get separation from fast motor vehicles.

Regarding R/A:

- The staff have no solution for how people will cross Queen, Richmond while biking on the proposed Simcoe bike lane. There need to be traffic lights otherwise it’ll be very hard–and dangerous–to cross these busy streets. Please also ask the City to install traffic lights on Simcoe.

That’s it for now! Thanks!

(BikingToronto has partnered with CycleToronto to bring this content from their site right to BikingToronto. View the original post here.

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NEWS: Richmond and Adelaide might finally get bike lanes


Richmond and Adelaide streets have long be discussed as potential homes for bike lanes in Toronto, and a new proposal coming to the Public Works and Infrastructure committee next week is sure to reignite discussion regarding their suitability and traffic flow in the core of the city. The recommendations before the committee call for a pilot project that would involve the installation of cycle tracks (i.e. separated bike lanes) on Richmond and Adelaide as well as Simcoe Street and a short section of Bathurst. This would, in effect, create a loop that cyclists could use to avoid streets with no cycling infrastructure. Standard lanes are also proposed for Peter Street.

If you are in favour of the bike lanes, let your councillors know:http://cycleto.ca/major-step-forward-support-pilot-project-protected-bike-lanes-richmond-adelaide

Read More: Richmond and Adelaide might finally get bike lanes

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