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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike park to open between Gardiner and Lakeshore

Cycling enthusiasts a new place to test their off-road skills in a few days with the opening of the new Sunnyside Bike Park. 

The park — sandwiched between the Gardiner Expressway and Lakeshore Boulevard — was designed for the city by Jay Hoots, a professional rider who has helped design and build 50 parks across North America. He’s considered the best in the business. 

“This entire park offers opportunity for training — learning how to ride a bike in different situations,” Hoots told CBC News. 

Read More:  Bike park to open between Gardiner and Lakeshore – Toronto – CBC News.

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Sunnyside Bike Park preview


Great look at the the new Sunnyside offroad park by jnyyz:

Today was volunteer day at the new Sunnyside Bike Park that is due to open in July. The call went out for people to help out with some basic landscaping. The city also took the opportunity to take lots of pictures of the volunteers working. From my visit today, I can see that it is going to be awesome, especially considering the very small silver of land that it occupies bounded by the Gardiner, Lakeshore, Ellis and Colborne Lodge.

Read More: Sunnyside Bike Park preview | Biking in a Big City.

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Mountain Bike Bridge Sabotage in the Don Valley

Alarming news out of the Don Valley… a series of bridges constructed by off-road and mountain bike cyclists are being sabotaged… with the clean lines of a sawzall saw being evident:

Timothy Charles, founder of the Toronto Off-Road Biking Association, said the supporting beam of the bridge appears to have been deliberately cut partway through in several places that couldn’t be seen by anyone crossing above.

The damage put the structure at risk of collapsing, which could have caused serious neck injury, broken bones or worse, he said on Sunday. He warned cyclists to be on their guard.

“Never cross any structure unless you’re sure of its safety,” Charles said.

The bridge is one of several spanning gullies on the hillside of the ravine near Overlea Blvd. and Thorncliffe Park Dr.

Be careful out there.

[Top photo from Toronto Star, by Timothy Charles; Photos below from Pedal Magazine, from Ted Ingram]

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