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NEWS: Brookfield will no longer remove bikes at Yonge & Bloor

Lisa Ferguson says her bike disappeared from a pole outside Hudson's Bay centre while she was in a meeting

  Well, all the emails and tweets and outrage worked.  Will everyone who has had their bike stolen by Brookfield be compensated though? Give yourself a pat on the back if you were one of the … [Read more...]

NEWS: Brookfield’s bike-cutting excuse is bunk: property law expert

Thanks to the Star, we now know the answer of whether or not it's legal to steal bikes that are legally locked up on public property, even if you own "adjacent property".  The Star asked a property … [Read more...]

NEWS: Elderly cyclist killed in Mississauga

A 69-year-old cyclist was killed when he was struck by a truck in a Mississauga intersection Friday morning. Peel Regional Police say the man on the bike collided with the straight truck at Central … [Read more...]

NEWS: Brookfield Properties defends stealing bikes at HBC Centre

Brookfield Properties offers a piss poor excuse for stealing bikes parked legally on public property, citing "adjacent property rights". I'm not a real estate lawyer, but if there is one out there … [Read more...]

NEWS: Had your bike stolen from Yonge & Bloor? The thief may be Brookfield Properties.

This is getting crazier and crazier.  How long has Brookfield Properties been doing this?  How many people have lost their bikes after parking them legally and on public property? Brookfield has just … [Read more...]

NEWS: Hudson’s Bay Centre confiscating legally parked bikes

A quick update to the story from a short time ago... the bikes being confiscated are legally parked, and are on PUBLIC property, not private. A portion of sidewalk outside 2 Bloor Street East does in … [Read more...]

NEWS: Stolen bike listing touted for Toronto

The Star has picked this up.  It's still a fairly young idea, but maybe with a bit of effort we can truly harness the web and social media to put a big dent in bike thefts.  Or, at least, help recover … [Read more...]

NEWS: Security guards cutting locks, confiscating bikes outside Hudson’s Bay Centre

It's never boring in Toronto.  This is galling (locked up bikes "block pedestrians"?  Anyone who knows this corner knows there is a giant sidewalk and a bike locked to the TTC sign does not block … [Read more...]

NEWS: New Toronto bike repair shop comes to your door

Very cool idea.  I may try it out. Toronto's got a new bike repair shop, but one that lacks an actual storefront. Instead of opening a bricks and mortar space, Zach Tatem decided to operate a repair … [Read more...]

NEWS: Dozens of Toronto cyclists have been doored since November

Cyclists have reported being “doored” 62 times since November, according to Toronto police, the first public tally of a statistic the force began tracking last year. “Dooring,” which occurs when a … [Read more...]

NEWS: After Cyclists Protest, Toronto Will Protect Downtown Bike Lanes


Pretty cool... the action of Toronto cyclists in getting city staff to do what City Council told them to do has hit Streetsblog.org: In a victory for bike safety in Toronto, officials have agreed to … [Read more...]

NEWS: City Staff respond (badly) to protected bikelane concerns


UPDATE: Cycle Toronto likes the below response.  They interpreted it differently than I did, and that's okay.  However, I would like to point out that the very last paragraph of the city's response is … [Read more...]

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