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WEAKSAUCE: Richmond bike lane shut down until November: No alternate route provided

Excellent write-up in Dandyhorse (which seems to be duplicated exactly in NOW) about Toronto's absolute ineptitude in making cycling an safe option for travel. Richmond St. under construction is a … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! #OpenStreetsTO expands its car-free pedestrian paradise to Dufferin and the Danforth!

OpenStreetsTO is getting bigger and better, expanding west along Bloor to Dufferin and east to the Danforth! On Aug. 21, the program will take over Yonge Street from Queen to Bloor, as well … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Safety advocates call for meeting with Toronto police

Victim blaming has to end. That’s the message from a group of cycling and pedestrian advocates asking for a meeting with Toronto police to discuss the way officers report on fatal … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Would you mind the Woodbine?

Read about the plan to put wonderful separated bikelanes on Woodbine Ave, all the way from Queen St. to O'Connor. While the earliest a pilot project can be secured on Danforth Avenue (a.k.a. The … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  Wider sidewalks and cycling infrastructure being studied for Yonge St.

Bike lanes on Yonge would be fantastic, as there is no safe north-south cycling infrastructure between Sherbourne and St. George/Beverley (no, the couple blocks of bikelane on Bay that is used as a … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Toronto city council finds cash for more road-safety plans

City council has agreed to inject more money into a plan to protect cyclists and pedestrians from traffic collisions. In unanimous decision Thursday, councillors endorsed the city’s new road-safety … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO? City asks for crosswalk phone ban

While not directly about cycling, the safety of our streets is important, and victim-blaming doesn't solve anything. Listen, I get it.  We don't want anyone to be distracted when using the roads. … [Read more...]

NEW: A Vision Zero Page that tracks death on our streets

Unless you're a politician like Stephen Holyday or Georgio Mammoliti, who only seem to care about how fast someone can drive in our city rather than caring about people dying, you probably know about … [Read more...]

FACEPALM: City eyes bike registration as possible revenue tool

  Councillor Holyday is useless.  Where's he getting the money to hire thousands of bylaw officers to check if every 7 year old's bike is licensed?  His "data collection" reasoning below is … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: Toronto urged to increase spending on road safety

City staff are pushing to beef up Toronto’s new road safety plan after it faced vociferous criticism for being too tentative. In a report issued late Tuesday – in advance of a City Council debate … [Read more...]

Check out the Biking Toronto Vision Zero Page:

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